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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Women and Weed

As we all know, cannabis has always been the great leveller – a social pastime that is shared and enjoyed by all. However, the industry has historically been focused on the males of the species with females either having a walk on part as ‘the girlfriend’ or being dressed up to sell everything from nutrients and grow systems to horny guys.

Changing Gender Roles in the Cannabis Scene

However, just because the girls aren’t necessarily flaunting their marijuana use (apart from the indomitable Coral Reefer of course – 146K tweets and counting…) it doesn’t mean to say they are not there. In fact, women are positively thriving in the cannabis scene in 2016.

Women Shaking up the Weed Industry

Sales in the legal US cannabis sector are expected to reach $8 billion a year by 2018, according to a report by ABC Eyewitness news.

Women with backgrounds in traditional businesses are bringing their brains and expertise to the cannabis industry and thriving. Organizations such as womengrow are building networks and educating to empower the next generation of female cannabis industry leaders.

In Europe, some of the continent’s best established cannabis companies have women running the show. Meanwhile, at trade fairs and Expos such as Spannabis, Cultiva (Austria) and Cannafest (Czech) there are more females attending than ever before.

We have seen the changes at Paradise Seeds, and our Expo eyes and ears reveal some interesting observations:

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Women and Weed

1) Women Make Better Growers

The guys may want to hear this: research suggests that women make better growers. While the guys charge in, make a mess and are clumsy in the garden, women are more patient, gentle and show more attention to detail.

2) Women Are Fuelling the Medical Cannabis Boom

Never mind cannabis’s proven powers for combating menstrual pain and the effects of menopause, at Paradise Seeds we get many emails each month from women seeking advice on the best medical cannabis varieties to grow to treat family members suffering from a range of conditions, from cancer to arthritis and insomnia. Most of them have no history of cannabis use, but will always be super clued up about the cannabis plant’s qualities.

3) Women are Changing Public Perceptions of Cannabis

From Marijuana Moms (weed influenced parenting) to Stiletto Stoners (businesswomen who get high to relax) and the Gray-Green crew (Grandmas who smoke weed), women are painting a whole different picture of the cannabis scene. When women’s magazines such as Elle are writing stories about women and weed, you know there is a cultural shift taking place!

4) Women Are Better Listeners

We have plenty of Expo experience to back this theory up. We often have couples coming to ask us for advice on the best Paradise Seeds strain to grow in their garden and how to maximize the results. In our experience, it’s often the ladies that have done the research, listen carefully to the advice we give and ask the questions their guys should be asking!

5) Women Have a Higher Tolerance to Cannabis

According to a Washington State University study, women’s estrogen levels make them more sensitive to the pain reduction qualities that come with THC. The same study also suggests that women have a higher tolerance to cannabis than males… so think about that next time pal, when you’re drooling under the table while your wife/girlfriend is still looking as fresh as a daisy!

At Paradise Seeds, we love the fact that more women than ever are getting into weed – we are the home of strong females such as Belladonna and our Queen of Hash, AllKush, after all. It’s a sign of how the times are changing and how far the scene has come from the days when it was dominated by hairy dudes with bongs! An all inclusive scene is a healthy scene indeed…

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