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5 Tips for the Perfect Cannabis Christmas Gift

“What do you want for Christmas?…” Yes, it’s that time of year when that question raises its ugly head again. When the question comes most people (ok, most guys) will give a shrug of their shoulders and reply, “I don’t know.” Fatal mistake! If you don’t want to end up with another crappy selection of gifts then read our Paradise Seeds guide to the perfect Cannabis Christmas list.

1) Something to play:

Christmas is a time for families to come together and spend the day hanging out. Because this is an uncomfortable experience for many we like to distract ourselves with silly games. So before grandma reaches for the Monopoly board this Christmas, request Stoner City in your stocking. This tabletop board game plays like Monopoly on weed, complete with random cop car that will send you to Rehab if it lands on the same square as you. If the thought of board games is too analogue for you, or you want to play with your new smartphone instead, get your gaming gloves on, download Weed Shop and spend your festive season running your own medical marijuana dispensary in California.

2) Something to read:

Two great new cannabis books for you this Christmas. The first is How to Smoke Pot (Properly) by David Bienenstock, VICE correspondent and former High Times West Coast Editor. This is a well written guide to all things cannabis – from how to roll the best joint to his experiences writing for the world’s biggest cannabis magazine. Second is Joe Dolce’s Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis, a journey around the world which brings new insights into developments in the cannabis scene and considers the cultural impact of our favorite plant.

3) Something to use:

Sometimes the best Christmas present is something practical that you never thought you needed but are very pleased to receive! If you love your buds but can’t leave home without leaving a smelly trail behind you, then an odor-absorbing bag from Abscent is the festive gift that will bring you much happiness! With a concentrated carbon liner and double Velcro seal, travelling with weed will be free from paranoia with one of these beauties.

4) Something to drink:

Christmas would not be Christmas without raising a glass to toast the festive season, so how about some cannabis wine? Mary Jane Wines, based in California, produces red and white Hemp CBD wine. Cannabinioids dissolve effectively in alcohol, making the hemp and grape combination surprisingly effective. If alcohol isn’t your thing, and Subtle Tea from the Venice Cookie Company comes with 40mg of THC in each tea bag and Fairwinds Manufacturing sell cannabis infused Catapult coffee capsules. Unfortunately, these products are only available in California and Washington state, but ask Santa nicely and he may pick you some up on his sleigh ride over to your place…

5) Something to Grow:

OK, so of course we are going to add our own entry to this list, but hey, who doesn’t like to receive a gift that will provide many hours of recreational fulfillment?! So for that person in your life (or in the mirror) who loves their cannabis, make those red eyes light up like Rudolph’s nose with our Sativa Champions Pack or Indica Champions pack.

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