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Auto Kong 4 – Glue Goes Paradise

Lock the doors, close the windows and hide under your couch. An explosive collaboration between Paradise Seeds and Tommy Chong  has arrived, in the form of a fast growing, high yield autoflower plant, the latest Californian line to be added to the Paradise finest seed collection. 

Auto Kong 4, released this summer by Paradise Seeds, is our own spin on the tremendously potent GG4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue). Its growth is fast and rigorous and, in the right hands, it has the potential to equal the performance of a feminized rival, producing huge gorilla fist buds that drip white with resinous glue and resonate with citrusy fragrance.

This is a California inspired strain you won’t have to leave the European continent for, and is the latest instalment of this Amsterdam crew’s collaboration with cannabis legend Tommy Chong. This is the first auto to appear in the very popular Chong’s Choice collection, which Paradise first introduced 3 years ago.

“We are very pleased to have another Californian line in our collection,” says Luc.”We’ve worked hard to achieve the same quality as the original in an auto form.  The original GG4 was a favorite of Tommy Chong and we consulted with him on the development of Auto Kong 4. We are glad to report that he is as happy with the results as we are!”

In the Mix: GG4 Meets Pandora

The original GG4 is famed for its high THC content, nuggets as big and rugged as the rocks that tumble from King Kong’s mountain and an insane resin production which literally drips from this plant like sticky globules of glue. “The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it!” smiles Luc as he shows us the Mother plants which were grown from a select original GG4 cutting. Procured from a friend of a very good friend in 2014, this cutting came from the USA to take up residence in the Netherlands – a little like a gorilla moving from one zoo to another to kick start a special breeding program!

With the GG4 in place, Project Kong began. “I really wanted to transfer the fantastic characteristics of this plant to a signature Paradise Seeds autoflower,” Luc explains, “because of the high yield potential, high THC count and overall stability of the makeup.  We began a breeding program early in 2015 and started to back cross it to single out the qualities we wanted. I chose Pandora as the autoflower partner in this program. It’s one of our original auto varieties, very stable and also very rich in resin. It has significant relaxation qualities which I knew would complement the GG4 and a wonderfully sweet taste to bring to the mix.”

Paradise Seeds was one of the first seed companies to explore the potential of autoflowering varieties, way back in the early years of the new century. Pandora was one of its early successes, a plant which has been recognized over the years for its stand out qualities, great performance and that wonderful taste.

Auto Kong 4 is the result of this genetic collaboration and stands ready to take its place in a long line of award winning Paradise Seeds varieties. It is the first autoflower produced by paradise for a few years, and Luc is pleased to be revisiting this sector, with more auto varieties being lined up for release.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

All eyes have been on the strains coming out of California for some time – Gorilla Glue was one of the first to catch the eye and of course now it’s all about the likes of Blue Dream and Skittles. So why did it take Paradise so long?!

Auto Kong is not just an impressive plant, but an illuminating illustration of how the breeding process works. Despite what some companies claim – the latest ‘hot’ strain arriving in their catalogue within months of its original release – you cannot rush the breeding process. It is a long and detailed procedure that requires back crossing over generations to select the best phenotypes, and rigorous testing until it is genetically stable and ready to go to market.

Fans of Paradise will know that quality is a hallmark of the brand. As a breeder owned company, we will never compromise on the high standards Luc has always set in this respect. When is it ready? It’s ready when Luc says it is ready!… The result, in the case of Auto Kong 4, is well worth the wait.

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