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April 2017 Promo

APRIL 2017 Promo - Paradise Seeds Bag, Paradise Seeds Premium Strain Collection Smoking Papers, White Widow & Original Cheese - Paradise Seeds
Wishing you a happy 4-20 this month! Please join with us and those around the world in April to celebrate the marvellous plant that is cannabis. You don’t have to take to the streets, you can just light up a fat one with a few friends and give thanks!

We are celebrating this special day with a FREE GIFT for every order this month and FREE SEEDS on all orders over 40€. We have two all-time two classic hybrid strains on promo – Original White Widow and Original Cheese. Let us tell you a bit about their qualities in a moment, but first 4 reasons to smile:

  • #1 FREE Paradise Seeds bag or Paradise Seeds Premium Strain Collection smoking papers with EVERY order (select your free gift when you click through to checkout).
  • #2 FREE mystery seed (1-pack) if you spend 40€ or more.
  • #3 FREE White Widow OR Cheese seeds (3-pack) if you spend 80€ or more.
  • #4 FREE White Widow OR Cheese seeds (5-pack) if you spend 140€ or more.

Original White Widow (IBL) is pure old school! The genetic heritage of this plant goes all the way back to 1996 when we were given a female clone. From this seed a potent hybrid plant will grow! It yields big and its effect is strong and even after all these years, this classic strain remains a firm favorite.

Original Cheese (IBL) is the big stinky! The Brits like their weed strong and this is a strain with a UK heritage that is renowned for its power and instantly recognizable smell – pure pungency! It’s an adaptable plant that, like the Widow, remains popular even after all these years.

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