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2018 – The Year California Weed Strains Went Global

Close your eyes and think of California and what do you see? Beaches filled with babes and surfers riding waves, Hollywood, celebrities, the Dodgers, the Raiders, Hip Hop?! Now close your eyes and what do you smell?!…

If the answer to the second question is something incredibly pungent and mouth wateringly sweet then you are not alone. This is the year that California weed strains have gone mainstream!

From GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) to OG Kush to Green Crack, California has been a traditional powerhouse in cannabis strain production and legalization has turned that long running tradition of growing fine cannabis in the Golden State into a million dollar legal business. As an example, in the first quarter of 2018 California collected over $60 million in marijuana related tax revenue.

California weed strains are known for their strength but also for their sense of the exotic, bringing a terpene rich intensity of smell and flavor that tickles the senses in ways other strains don’t. Once upon a time, such sensory enriching weed was a high grade secret for connoisseurs, but legalization across the USA has helped to open them up to the world.

There are a number of reasons why California has thrived as a weed producing region. Not only does it have an exceptional climate for growing weed, but its proximity to central America brought seeds and knowledge across the border in the early days. Cultural factors have played a huge part too as California was at the epicentre of the counterculture for which marijuana has traditionally been a driver, attracting pioneers, activists and cannabis visionaries to settle there. It was also the first state to legalize medical cannabis through Proposition 215 (1996), to treat the symptoms of AIDS patients as the disease impacted hard on cities such as San Francisco. This was where the US legalization ball first began to roll…

The Dutch California Weed Strain connection

While California weed strains seem to be the secret that the rest of the world has only just discovered this year, the Dutch have been in on this secret for much longer! For many years the Netherlands was the only place where you could legally consume cannabis and this created an environment of great creativity and experimentation with cultivation methods from the 1970s – 1990s until the internet made this knowledge universally available.

California Weed Strains – The Amsterdam Connection

Back then, Amsterdam was a hotspot destination for many Californian growers looking to get their hands on quality seeds and sharing joints and information in Amsterdam’s coffee shops about new growing techniques! As such there have been strong historical ties between the growing communities in California and the Netherlands.

In the early days of Paradise Seeds, many of our seeds were snapped up by Californian growers and taken back to the United States where the genetics found their way into the California weed strain mix. Our recent collaboration with California based cannabis legend, Tommy Chong, on the Chong’s Choice line recognises these deep roots.

Paradise Seeds California Weed Strains

This year we revisited the California connection as the inspiration for two new Paradise Seeds strains to celebrate the start of marijuana legalization in California. Space Cookies is a Paradise twist on GSC, bringing relaxed euphoria and the distinctive flavor of the original strain with enhanced taste and potency. Meanwhile the foundations of Californian Gold come from the GSC which we have paired with classic old school genetics (with added Dutch turbo boost!). A delicious blend for all Indica lovers..

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