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Cannabis Activists – Say it With a Smile!

In times gone by, cannabis activism used to be associated with long haired hippies smelling of patchouli oil, talking about love, peace and pot. No longer! In the Twenty First century, cannabis activism wears many masks.

Feed the Birds Cannabis Seeds

Feed The Birds Cannabis Seeds
Guerrilla growing with cannabis seeds is nothing new. Taking a few seeds and planting them in a forest, on the edge of a field or on a patch of city wasteland, has been a solution for many amateur growers who do not have the possibilities to grow at home. However, as these guerrilla grow gardeners will tell you, it is in the hands of the Gods whether these efforts bring joy or sadness. The weather, pests and insects, birds, rabbits, deer, opportunistic thieves… There are many ways a guerrilla grow can go wrong.

However, for one cannabis activist group, encouraging birds to take your cannabis seeds is all part of the plan. Feed the Birds is a UK organisation that has started a summer campaign to spread the seed to as many places as possible. Since April it has been giving away thousands of hemp seeds and urging people to plant them (and feed the birds, which will then poop them out all over the British countryside where hemp plants will grow).

“Ladies and Gentleman”, says Feed the Birds on its Facebook page. “Welcome to a peaceful and lawful protest. We are Feed The Birds, and this is your revolution…. We want every town, village and city to be covered in green….. minded people, feeding birds hemp seed.”

Early grow reports suggest that hemp plants are flourishing at some of the UK’s most famous landmarks, including Tower Bridge and Big Ben in London and The Angel of the North near Newcastle. Founder, Finn Hemmingway (related to Earnest Huck by any chance?!…) told a British newspaper that the campaign aims to be a visual protest against prohibition and in support of medical cannabis.

Cannabis Activism Keywords
Tune in to the group’s website in the early Autumn for the photographic evidence!

Free Weed!

Do you exercise your democratic right to vote? If not, then this one’s for you…

Earlier this month, in California, marijuana activists the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition came up with a novel way to promote their political cause. The cause was to stop San Jose City Council from pushing through restrictions on medical cannabis, by placing politicians on the council that were more weed friendly.

With voter turnout predicted to be at a historic low, the SVCC decided that they could make a real change if they could persuade the districts cannabis supporters to come out and vote. The result was a “Weed for Votes” campaign. Yes, you heard it right! Free weed in exchange for votes.

While we at Paradise Seeds believe that activism should not come at a price (although who wouldn’t support free weed?!) it does serve to illustrate the fact that if the cannabis community did get together to bring its voting power to the table, then perhaps it could make democracy work in its favour…

Cannabis Activists Playing in a field of MarijuanaCannabis Activism – Tactics for a New Age

The cannabis reform movement is increasingly realising that, in order to bring change, there must be a challenge to these lazy stereotypes. In a previous Paradise Seeds news article (Medical Cannabis Bike Tour: Inspiration on Wheels) we have already talked about the great effect the annual bike ride has had in changing perceptions, by combining cannabis with sport.

It is activities like this that drag cannabis activism out of the hippy stereotype and set it on a platform that non-cannabis society can relate to. The fact that the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour, as its website explains, is also raising significant amounts of money for charity, prompted the world’s leading cannabis strain resource,, to call it ‘activism with a twist.’

Back in the days of peace, love and pot, demonstrating in the street was the only way people had of getting heard. In the digital age however, there are many new channels that people can use to get their message across, and to a global audience. And, as we all know, in the age of Facebook, news travels a lot faster when it is fun…

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