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Cannabis Expo: Behind the Scenes at Spannabis

Cannabis expo season is now in full motion which means it is a busy time of year for us at Paradise Seeds! Rome, Barcelona, Vienna, not to mention Santiago and Medellin in South America, are all stops on our annual cannabis expo tour.

We love cannabis expos! Why? because it is our chance to get out and meet people – from home  growers to shop owners selling our seeds and those people making waves in the cannabis scenes of their countries.

Destination Cannabis Expo!

In March, we were at Spannabis in Barcelona. If you have visited before you will know how much energy there is at the Fira de Cornella, which hosts tens of thousands of  visitors over 3 days. After 15 years it is still one of the most important expos on the circuit and certainly one of the biggest.

This was the 15th edition of Spannabis and Paradise Seeds has been going since the beginning – in the days when you didn’t have to even smoke to get stoned because the expo floor would be permanently under a massive ganja cloud! We have watched it grow over the years, along with the Spanish cannabis scene which remains one of the most healthy in Europe thanks to the  explosion of cannabis associations in recent years.

Behind the Scenes

Remember the saying about the swan that is so graceful on top of the water while under the water it is paddling furiously! Well that is what it is like preparing for a cannabis expo. There are frantic behind the scenes preparations to make sure everything runs smoothly once the expo begins. This time lapse video gives you an idea of the hard work involved!

In fact, planning starts in our office a month earlier with a long list of things to do! But the hard work is worth it when the doors open and we get to welcome people to our stand, chat about what’s happening in the cannabis scene and the latest Paradise Seeds news – from new medical cannabis projects to new varieties.

Cannabis Expo Highlights

This Spannabis was all about Rosin! We had a lot of fun with the Rosin press on our stand, pressing up the bud of Spannabis expo visitors to produce high quality resin and one lucky customer even got to take the press home as a promo prize!

Of course, we were pressing up some expertly grown local buds taken from Paradise Seeds strains – including some highly potent Nebula and some delicious wax and  shatter brought to us, made from our eternally popular Wappa.

If you are new to Rosin then read up, because this is an extraction technique that has been gaining popularity in the past couple of years. And for good reason! This method uses heat, not solvents, in the extraction process. The result is a product that is clean and full of fragrance and flavor because the process retains the terpenes (which can be lost with solvent extraction).

On the stand, there was a lot of great customer feedback about our new Mendocino Skunk and Blue Kush Berry varieties from the Chong’s Choice range. The show edition of Cáñamo featured a full length interview with our collaborator on this strain range, the legendary cannabis activist and comedian, Tommy Chong.

New Face at Paradise Seeds

Internet chat is great, but there is nothing like personal contact. This year we are committed to bringing Paradise Seeds closer to you than ever before! Our team is getting bigger all the time, and this Spannabis we said a big hello to Gerard, our new face on the ground in Spain. As our brand ambassador in Spain he will be making sure Paradise Seeds are available in a store near you and keeping you up to date through our social media.

That’s the Spannabis cannabis expo done for the next year. The stand is packed up at Paradise HQ and ready for the next expo mission to. Hope to see you there

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