CBD Oil Natural
CBD Oil Natural 5ml-5%
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CBD Oil Natural 5ml-5%


Paradise CBD Oil Natural  5ml/5% is a flavorless broad spectrum CBD oil made from EU organic hemp extract.

It contains trace elements of other beneficial cannabinoids but is 100% THC free.

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    Containing 5% CBD Oil Natural (or equal to 1000mg CBD in total),

    Paradise Natural 5ml is a flavorless high quality broad spectrum CBD Oil Natural from Paradise Seeds.

    This product has been developed from organically grown EU hemp and is officially 100% THC free.

    If you are looking for a superior CBD oil with the assurance of product quality and safety then this is the one for you.

    There are many CBD oil products on the market but, as with our high quality cannabis strains, Paradise believes that good things take time which is why we took a little longer to master our CBD oil recipe to provide the best consumer experience.

    What makes Paradise Seeds’ CBD Oil Natural different?

    Let’s start with the base
    ingredient. Paradise Natural CBD oil 5% (5ml) is made from organic grown hemp, produced in the EU, which ensures a fully compliant consumer product – the kind of guarantee that medical users in particular are looking for.

    Many CBD products contain extracts from unknown origin (some even claim to be natural despite being synthesized) and can contain traces of toxins present in the ground. This is because cannabis is well known as a phyto-remediative plant which has the capacity to draw toxins and heavy metals from the ground (hemp was grown on the site of the Chernobyl disaster site for this reason). Paradise Natural’s organic nature ensures its purity.

    Using this healthy organic crop, a sophisticated extraction process produces our broad spectrum CBD oil and you can literally taste the difference. Light gold in color it is one of the best tasting CBD oils you will taste – mild and smooth with a slightly nutty note and a hint of the original sun grown plant in its flavor.

    Cbd oil benefits

    Paradise Seeds’ broad spectrum CBD cannabis oil products include traces of
    additional cannabinoids such as CBC (cannabichromene), CBDV (cannabidivarin)
    and CBN (cannabinol). These cannabinoids are non-psychoactive and are
    recognized in their own right for having beneficial qualities.

    CBD Natural 5ml

    Paradise CBD Oil Natural

    Is also 100% THC free. This is very significant for regular CBD oil users. Recent studies have suggested that many CBD products containing small (but legal)
    percentages of THC could lead to an accumulation of THC in the body which can
    be enough to trigger a positive roadside or workplace drug test. Laboratory test
    results confirm that this product is THC free providing complete consumer

    It has been suggested that regular doses of CBD can contribute to the health of
    the body’s endocannabinoid system whose systems and processes keep the body in
    harmony and stabilize aspects that contribute to general health. CBD oil has
    also been positively linked with easing the symptoms of medical conditions that
    are characterized by pain and inflammation.

    All Paradise Seeds CBD oil products are 100% THC free and therefore fulfil
    legal requirements in all countries where CBD products are legal. They are also
    vegan and gluten free.


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