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Product Questions

Do you have product questions regarding the suitability of Paradise Seeds cannabis strains for your grow set up? Use this section to find the answers to the most common FAQs regarding Paradise Seeds products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cannabis seeds will grow like any other plant so long as they have the right conditions to thrive in. The key ingredient is light.

    For outdoor growers who want to know how to grow cannabis seeds, this means daylight and sunshine. In an indoor grow space, the grower is in complete control of the environment and will use the grow lights to simulate this natural change in light/dark hours.

    As the plant gets established, and is growing to fulfil its potential, controlling humidity (or, in the case of outdoor growing, minimising its effect) is another key factor to prevent mold forming on cannabis plants in the later stages. A clean grow environment also minimises the risk of plants being affected by pests and diseases.

  • With nearly 40 strains to choose from we have a variety for every taste and every set of growing circumstances! However, there are some strains which stand out for their popularity.

    These are Sensi Star and El Dorado OG

    (Indicas), Rainbow Road and L.A. Amnesia.

    (Sativas), Wappa.

    (Hybrid), Auto Kong 4.

    (Autoflower) and Durga Mata II CBD (CBD-rich).

  • Paradise Seeds has a good reputation for the number of strains in its collection which provide the kind of easy management novice growers are looking for.

    However, we recommend choosing from the following strains which offer good options for beginners:

    From the feminized seed collection we suggest Sensi Star and Ice Cream

    (indicas), L.A. Amnesia

    (sativa), Mendocino Skunk, Original White Widow and Wappa (both hybrids).

    From the autoflower collection we suggest Auto Jack or Pandora.

  • Are you working with a restricted grow space? No problem! We have a number of strains that are well suited to growing in small spaces.

    From our feminized seed collection two great small space options are Wappa and Mendocino Skunk, which provide very easy management.

    Autoflower strains are also an ideal option for small spaces – Auto Whiteberry and Auto Wappa are two superb recommendations.

  • Yes we do! We have six CBD strains, specially developed for richer flavours and terpene profiles, which carry less than 1% THC. These strains are very well suited for medical users and low THC recreational users.

    These strains are CBDrelief, CBDelightCBDrelax, CBDenergy, CBDream and CBDivine.

  • Paradise Seeds has developed a number of sativa strains which have enhanced levels of strength.

    Three of our recommended strains for those who like extra potency in their sativa are Jacky White, Atomical Haze and L.A. Amnesia.

  • Paradise Seeds established its reputation in the 1990s with Sensi Star, a strain described by High Times as ‘one of the strongest Indicas you will ever encounter’.

    Other recommendations for indica fans looking for potency are our original Durga MataCalifornian Gold and Ice Cream.

  • We have some big hitting varieties in sativa, indica and autoflower forms.

    For a high yield sativa we suggest Delahaze, Dutch Dragon and Rainbow Road.

    If you are an indica fan looking for a big harvest then we suggest Dutch Kush, El Dorado OG or Space Cookies.

    A great high yield autoflower option is Auto Kong 4.