Dear friend,

Strange times we are going through, but we hope the disruption won’t be for too long. As we all try to deal with this, life still goes on and now, more than ever, we need to have something on the horizon to focus on...

This month our focus is on the start of the growing season and of course 420. We are also doing our best to keep spirits high with a couple of tasty promos this month.

Win a 420 Golden Ticket
This month we have the most holy of holy cannabis days – 420. And yes this one is going to be very different from the last few with a lot more self celebrating going on. However, it’s still important to light a flame and burn thanks to the mighty cannabis plant!

From our side, we are extending our celebrations with a very generous 420 competition with a goodie bag fit for a king or queen. See what you can win HERE!

Read all about the 420 history in our article this month! 

Prepare For the Season North and South
It’s time to get that outdoor garden ready to receive your plants! We have compiled an essential guide with useful tips and advice to help with your preparations from the Paradise grow team. As we have enquiries from growers in temperate and Mediterranean regions, we have created two different articles:

Preparing for the Season (North)
Preparing for the Season (South)

Free Auto Seeds: April Promo
With lockdown affecting many of our lives at the moment, perhaps this is the year to turn to the autoflower. We are giving away free seeds with all autos purchased this month (online and retail).
It is the perfect companion for a small space – balcony, corner of the garden, even a sunny windowsill. With the right preparation and some TLC you will be amazed at its yield potential.

See details of our Auto Promo HERE

And one last promo: Free Goodies All Month!

To finish this newsletter on a high, we have free Paradise goodies for every customer who buys from us this month. Lighters, caps, stickers + more essential items of 420 kit will be heading your way!
* UK and EU customers only.

That’s it from us for this month. Stay safe out there, and spend your time wisely – during these crazy lockdown times we expect a lot of love for plants this year!

Team Paradise