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6 New CBD Varieties

Neue High CBD-Kollektion im Haus!

In diesem Monat werden nicht 1, nicht 2, 3, 4 oder 5, sondern SECHS neue CBD-Sorten auf der Paradise Seeds-Website und im Einzelhandel auf der ganzen Welt veröffentlicht! Wir können es kaum erwarten zu sehen, was unser Cannasseur-Publikum von unseren neuen CBD-reichen Sorten hält.

Say hello to CBD Relief™, CBDelight™, CBDrelax™, CBDenergy™, CBDream™ and CBDivine™!

The six new varieties are a superb addition to our existing CBD strains and are the result of much development in the in-house Paradise Seeds breeding program. The result is six high CBD strains which share the common attributes of being fast finishers, high yielders with full bodied aromas and flavors.

Paradise Seeds fans will know that our strains are rigorously bred and tested before we release them and this new CBD collection is no exception. We have put in some serious R+D work in the breeding rooms to produce CBD plants which can compete with THC dominant strains in the smell and taste department (attributes often lacking in some CBD strains).

You can see a more thorough profile of each plant in our CBD strain section of the website, but here are a few highlights from our new additions to the Paradise Seeds family!

CBD Relief™

A real citrusy number, full of orangey and lemony tones, this strain is indica heavy in its make up (70% indica / 30% sativa). As the name suggests, pain relief is one of the qualities this plant has been bred for.


One for the wellbeing seeker, this strain is both relaxing and uplifting. Hybrid in nature (60% indica/40% sativa), the terpenoid/flavonoid profile of this plant is a wonderful mixture of lemon and classic skunk.


Oozing relaxation from every trichome this strain comes with real Zen power and a distinctive sweet and sour flavour. With one of the lowest THC percentages of any Paradise Seeds strain, this is a great variety to ease your way through a journey of mindfulness.


OK, so everyone knows that CBD is the opposite to high energy! So think of this strain as pure vitality shot (giving the body the kind of kick that a fruit smoothie packed full of goodness brings!). This pineapple infused variety is the perfect all dayer!


Like a fragrant fluffy pillow, this combination of lemon and earthy terpenes, will deliver a sweet lullaby for the body. The deeply relaxing nature of this strain makes it a natural antidote to the chaotic energy of the modern world and the stress and anxiety it brings.


Medical grade relaxation is at the heart of this blissed out high CBD strain which has been bred for pain relieving qualities. This hybrid (60% sativa / 40% indica) comes dressed in orange and lemony tones, reflecting the dominant Limonene terpene profile.

With a THC content of between 0.4 – 0.6% (and a CBD ratio of between 15 – 20%), depending on the strain, this range is the go to choice for medical users. It will also be popular with Paradise Seeds recreational users who love the taste of cannabis and the relaxation it brings, but want to avoid the psychoactive (high) sensation.

Now you’ve met the high CBD family of new strains, we look forward to you making their acquaintance in person sometime soon!

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