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Delahaze by Paradise Seeds

Der fruchtige Zitrusgeschmack dieser Pflanze ist etwas für den Haze-Freund. Hohe Erträge und frühe Reife werden allenthalben für ein Lächeln sorgen.

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Artikelname Preis Menge
Delahaze - feminized: 3 seeds
32,00 €
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Delahaze - feminized: 5 seeds
50,00 €
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Delahaze - feminized: 10 seeds
90,00 €
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5 Artikel

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Top 5 Kundenmeinung von Fun Guy
A great plant indeed! (Veröffentlicht am 20.02.2013)
super potent und homogenes wachstum!!! Kundenmeinung von Thom
muss sagen das ich begeistert bin,die pflanzen sind immo. in der 4 blütewoche und zeigen jetzt schon eine super potenz und haben echt einen guten homogenen wuchs. (Veröffentlicht am 05.08.2012)
To much pheno variation! Kundenmeinung von ALONE
Some would be glad to get a pheno thats 100% California Lemon Skunk and another pheno thats 100% Mango Haze..Right?
But compared to the Mango Haze pheno the Cali Lemon Skunk doesnt stand a chance as a keeper.

That Mango Haze pheno is the most wonderful smelling Mango Haze smell ever. Just mouth watering. 10 week to finish. Wish I could post pics.
There is problems with nanners here and there on my Mango Haze pheno near finish..and the Cali Lemon Skunk pheno got 1 ballsack and lightly pollinated my Mango Haze pheno so that was actually a great thing because I took a clone of the CLS pheno and not the MH pheno. I dont like the CLS pheno at all compared to the MH pheno so I will have some feminized seed to play with to find a MH pheno to clone the heck out of.
(wasnt grower error...its haze genetics man, its expected)

Overall...Too much pheno variation not being stabalized yet and out on the market to quickly. Get the Mango Haze pheno and you will be jumping for joy because this lady is just awesome! (Veröffentlicht am 12.07.2012)
Septiie Kundenmeinung von Septiie
I got these seeds because I use this herb amsolt every day, plus I was told its a tough plant even in colder mid-west climates. They're still in the seedling stage, but they're doing good so far! (Veröffentlicht am 02.06.2012)
Dependable and easy to grow. Kundenmeinung von Spacecase
A strong very uniform grower, producing fast leafing well formed plants, good side branching, loaded buds, medium quick finishing time. Well sized buds with plenty of resin, maybe not the strongest buzz of Paradises collection but a tasty heady satisfying high when cured and a very dependable and easy plant to grow.
Indoor veg. 30days + 50 flowering with supplemental outdoor sun. Hard to go wrong with this one.
Thanks Paradise for another winner! (Veröffentlicht am 03.02.2012)

5 Artikel

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