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Spoetnik#1 by Paradise Seeds

Eine süßschmeckende Freude für jeden Smoker, die einstmals für eine ganze Generation von Haschproduzenten klare Nummer Eins war und immer noch angesagt ist.

5 Kundenmeinung(en)

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Artikelname Preis Menge
Spoetnik#1 - feminized: 3 seeds
20,00 €
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Spoetnik#1 - feminized: 5 seeds
30,00 €
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Spoetnik#1 - feminized: 10 seeds
55,00 €
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5 Artikel

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Great Kundenmeinung von SmokeyMcSmokerton
I accidentally topped a Spoetnik #1. Don't ask... Best mistake ever!!! Come to find out this strain tops well. This plant has 12 colas that are 1/4 oz or better. Very strong smoke with great smell and flavor. Don't know anything about an explosion in growth late. She explodes from week 3 veg for me. BAD ASS STRAIN! (Veröffentlicht am 02.06.2012)
buena herbalist Kundenmeinung von el gane
me encanta la spoetnick1 es una planta con multiples ramas i muxos brotes poderosos las tengo en crecimiento ya dire que tal en floracion jeje graciass poorr estee tipo cabronazoss:D(L) (Veröffentlicht am 06.08.2011)
spoetnik#1 Kundenmeinung von bazzberry
I did spoetnik#1 a couple of years ago (three plants under one
400w hps) the plants grew very quickly,the flowering period
was finished in less than five weeks,the plants all grew nice
colas and there was popcorn sized bud growing up all the
side branches. (Veröffentlicht am 30.06.2011)
spoetnik#1 Kundenmeinung von mr green
i have grown this 4 times now it is excellent and i will be doing it again and again you will not be disappointed try it out paradise seeds never let me down 100% (Veröffentlicht am 27.06.2011)
spoetnick#1 Kundenmeinung von the fisherman
absolutely the description is 100% bang on and the plant has to be one of the best ive tried for awhile.i will only ever use paradise seeds they dont exagerate the description and they are always reliable. (Veröffentlicht am 04.06.2011)

5 Artikel

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