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Are you Dreaming of a Green Christmas?

Are you Dreaming of a Green Christmas? - Paradise Seeds
So picture the scene. It’s the morning of the 25th December. The house is decorated, the refrigerator is so packed that you could probably survive a month long Zombie Invasion, and there’s a stack of presents under the tree. After what seems like half a year of Christmas preparations (we swear we saw our first snow and Santa commercial in September this year…), the big day has finally arrived!

So how will you celebrate this year? Do you have a Christmas tradition? Perhaps you have been saving something nice for Christmas Day; a few sparkling nuggets from your homegrown crop or a special delivery of something to savor – in bud, extract or edible form. And of course much as the breakfast Mimosa is a tradition for even the straightest of households, the seasonal wake n’ bake is a time honored tradition in every marijuana friendly house!

Nebula - Paradise Seeds
Cannabis and Christmas go together like peas and carrots, as Forest Gump might say. Shiny lights, new games and toys to play with, too much screen time, the contents of a refrigerator to eat and that lost week between Christmas and New Year… So here are some tips to make the most of your Cannabis Christmas:

The Tree

We have been using a traditional evergreen fir Christmas tree for centuries (a winter solstice tradition), but that was before the popularity of indoor gardening… and the internet. The Cannabis Christmas Tree will not replace this tradition anytime soon, but it’s a great concept (and unlike a fir tree will not put needles all over your floor, or end up sitting in the garbage until Spring). Use a trichome heavy Paradise Seeds variety such as Nebula or Ice Cream and you will even save on the decorations!

Disclaimer: Don’t get too carried away with the new tradition if you live in a place where the Grinch makes the cannabis laws, as this UK police tweet illustrates!

Food + Drink

Apart from the fact that this is the one time of year when you can indulge your munchies to the max with no guilt involved, it is also, it is a great time to indulge the inner cannabist. Cooking with weed is increasingly popular amongst medical and recreational weed users and there are a whole heap of Christmas cannabis recipes out there, from cookies to cakes. Many of them begin with cannabis infused butter, also known as cannabutter.


Keylock PlazmaLab T-Shirt - Paradise Seeds
From Paradise Seeds grinders and rolling papers to exclusive collaborations with clothing brands we have the ideal gift for cannabis friends and family this Christmas. How about a heavy duty Sensi Star Grassroots hemp cap with secret stash pocket? We also have some limited edition organic t-shirts with designs reflecting some of our legendary strains – Opium, Durga Mata and Belladonna. And who doesn’t like seeds (the gift that keeps giving!) for Christmas?

(Avoiding) Over Indulgence

We say enjoy the festive period, do not use it as an excuse to totally obliterate the final week of the year or turn you into an actual couch potato! We are with Tommy Chong on this one. His great advice when we recently caught up with him. “Do something active and creative. Don’t waste your high!” Get some fresh air, take some exercise, give your artistic side a bit of a work out over the festive period and we guarantee it will yield benefits!

May your trichomes sparkle white, your eyes glow red and your stocking smell exceedingly skunky – whatever your cannabis plants (or plants), we wish you a great Christmas!

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