Pandora growing indoor - 4 reasons to plant Autoflowers - Paradise SeedsMore outdoor growers in the northern hemisphere are growing autoflowering varieties in the gardens. We give you 4 great reasons to plant autoflowers this summer…

“God’s Gift to the northern hemisphere”. That is what we often call Autoflowering cannabis plants at Paradise HQ! Why? Because these little beauties can provide the outdoor cannabis grower with a whole lot of options that photoperiod cannabis plants can’t.

Pandora growing indoor - 4 reasons to plant Autoflowers - Paradise SeedsThe 2017 growing season is here and by now most outdoor gardeners should have their seeds either in the garden (if you are in southern regions) or ready to go into the garden if you live in a climate that is similar to our Dutch one. Generally speaking, mid May is a perfect time to plant as there is no more risk of night frost. While the indoor grower has the necessary control over temperature, light and environment to ensure a successful harvest of plants grown from regular or feminized cannabis seeds, regardless of the time of year, the outdoor marijuana grower needs a little more help from the heavens!

Enter the autoflower! This variety has been around since the early 2000s. In the early days there was some suspicion about the quality of autos and probably for good reason. The auto was an experiment in breeding – mixing the genes of regular plants with the cannabis ruderalis, a plant that is native to the arctic circle and the northern steppes of Eurasia. It grows short to protect it from the icy winds that blow across the region and is genetically coded to flower automatically. Inevitably it took a few generations before breeders were able to effectively manage this combination and boost the quality. However, those days are long past and new generation autoflowering varieties come with high performance. Yes, the yield will be less. Just plant a couple more to compensate!

Pandora growing indoor - 4 reasons to plant Autoflowers - Paradise SeedsAt Paradise Seeds, we have a range of auto strains, some unique such as Pandora and Automaria ll, some miniature versions of our best selling feminized varieties, such as Auto Wappa, Auto Jack and Auto White Berry. So why grow autoflowers? Let’s give you 4 good reasons!

Autoflowers are Smaller!

Yes, size does matter! But in this case we’re talking about reduced size, because the smaller the plant, the greater the growing options. An autoflower will grow to a height of approximately 1 meter tall which makes it very versatile. We have customers who have autos in plant pots on their terraces and balconies and others that can find a space for them in small gardens.

Autoflowers are Quick!

Why wait until October to harvest? With autoflowering plants you can make the most of the heat and sunshine of the best summer months the northern hemisphere has to offer. Your auto will be ready to harvest 65 – 75 days after you crack the seed! This means plant in mid May and harvest late July/early August. To give your autos an extra boost, consider growing them under 24 hour indoor light for the first two weeks of their life. And who says you are restricted to only one harvest? Time it right and you can get 2 (or even 3 or 4 if you are in the Mediterranean).

Auto White Berry - 4 reasons to plant Autoflowers - Paradise SeedsAutoflowers are Stealth!

Autoflowers have become very popular partly for the reason that they are so easy to hide. This variety of cannabis plant is the perfect accomplice for the stealth grower. Their size and stature means that they will blend in effortlessly with other plants – from vegetables to whatever natural plants are growing where you choose to plant them. Experiment. Find a patch of land that is out of the way, plant a couple of autos and leave them to get on and do their thing (although do give them some protection from the local wildlife if you can!).

Autoflowers are tough!

We have already talked about the Ruderalis and the inhospitable place it naturally grows. This means that auto plants come with some natural defences against pests and conditions such as mildew. Also, because you’re harvesting earlier in the year you don’t need to worry about mold so much.

So if you haven’t already grown autoflowers, why not make this the season to try something new? The key is to not compare them with feminized varieties, but to treat them as something unique and very special in their own way. Keep an open mind, do some research on the best way to grow them and see what the Gods bring!