Five Tips to Grow Your Cannabis Seeds - Paradise SeedsBefore you buy your cannabis seeds, taking the time to research the best marijuana strain for your situation is key – what is your growing situation (indoor grow or outdoor grow)? What are your personal preferences (flavor, taste, effect)? What plants are you looking to grow (autoflower, feminized, CBD medical)?

How do I choose the right cannabis seeds?

People often ask, “Why are Paradise Seeds cannabis seeds different”? Well, we have history on our side – over 20 years of development. Organic, our seeds have an exceptional germination rate of over 95%. Our excellent genetics mean a 3 pack of our feminized seeds will sprout 3 identical looking plants.

Growing experts agree that you can’t beat a healthy start in life for your cannabis plant, so we consulted our Paradise growers for the best tips to help you out:

Best method to germinate cannabis seeds

Five Tips to Grow Your Cannabis Seeds - Paradise SeedsEveryone has their chosen method, but here are two that our Paradise growers recommend:

a) The plate method: Place your seeds on a plate between two wet pieces of kitchen paper soak the tissue paper then drain off excess water so that it is moist, not soaking. Cover with plastic wrap and put it in a dark place at room temperature (like a cupboard).

b) The glass method: Place the seeds in a glass with a few centimeters of lukewarm water and leave in a dark warm place (floating seeds will drop to the bottom).

Tips: If your tap water is chlorine-heavy, use rain, distilled or bottled water. Your seeds can take up to 72 hours to germinate. Be patient!

Best method for planting your seed in the soil

Your seed will crack and display a small white root, which will protrude like a tail. Wait until it is approx. 1.25 – 1.5cm in length. Use a toothpick or pin to make a small hole and bury, root down, so that the seed shell sits on the surface.

NOW, cut off the top off a water bottle (perhaps 15 cm from the top), remove the cap and place over the cannabis seed to create a micro-greenhouse that will provide humidity. A windowsill is the perfect place for your pot to sit.

Tips: Make sure to use specialist seed soil, avoid touching the root when planting. Keep it warm but avoid direct sunlight. Nature will take its course.

Water your cannabis seed with care

You’re desperate for your seed to grow, but don’t make the mistake of overwatering or you might drown your seedling. The soil should be moist, not soaking wet.

Tips: Water around the sprout; use a spray bottle for good water management.

When leaves show, let it grow!

Within a few days, your sprout will shed its shell and you will see two seed leaves (cotyledons). Now your seedling is ready to receive direct light – but still try to avoid intense sunlight. A fluorescent light (such as a CFL), set up in a small cupboard space is preferable.

Continue to water gently. The top layer of soil should be consistently moist but not wet (so the root will chase the water level down). After 1 – 2 weeks your seed should be big and healthy enough to transplant to a larger pot.

Five Tips to Grow Your Cannabis Seeds - Paradise SeedsWhen is the best time to plant outdoor?

As a general rule:

Northern hemisphere (latitude 47˚- 52˚) - you can plant outside between April and June (May is best).

Northern hemisphere (latitude 52˚- 56˚) - you can plant in early to mid June.

Southern hemisphere: (latitude 35˚- 47˚) – you can plant March to July.

Tips: Beware putting your plant outside too early - the sunny days of early Spring also mean cold nights. Autoflowering plants give the potential for multiple harvests in both northern and southern hemispheres.

One last tip before we go… We all want our seeds to hurry up and grow, BUT, don’t force it! Don’t prod or poke or fuss around it too much. The thing to remember is that nature will ensure your seed will grow. Give it the best environment to flourish and will be on your way to growing a strong and healthy plant.

Happy gardening!