Auto Jack wins Highlife Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2017 - Autoflowering Category - Paradise Seeds Paradise Seeds takes first place for autoflowering at this years Highlife Cannabis Cup with Auto Jack a strain perfected with rich resin, a fruity aroma and lasting creeping high. Auto Jack is 70% sativa, 20% indica and 10% ruderalis, with a cycle lasting 65-70 days indoors and 75-80 days outdoors.

Auto Jack was created as a result of crossbreeding two strains, the legendary Jack Herer and the Dutch classic White Widow. A female Jack Herer was hybridized with a strong fast flowering White Widow male which was further crossbreed with an autoflowering variety creating a balanced hybrid with autoflowering genetics. It’s taken about five generations to cultivate strong, stable and productive plants with rich resin, a fruity sweet aroma and a wondrous creeping high.

Autoflowering seeds are quickly becoming popular, but they’ve existed for many years. These seeds are easy and produce quality cannabis within 65 days from planting without with the need of removing male plants and light systems to stimulate the growing cycle. Breeders have achieved this by adding ruderalis genes from inhospitable climates such as Northern Russia and Northern Canada. Autoflowering seeds are ideal for beginners and growers with limited space, and time.

Many growers have found Paradise Seed’s award winning Auto Jack an easy, and excellent choice! Check out Auto Jack and our other autoflowering seeds here!