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Why are your seeds so different?

Over the years, Paradise Seeds has earned a reputation, around the world, for the quality of its seeds. This is reflected in the numerous cannabis cups and prizes we have won – such as the recent Highlife Cup where our Atomical Haze and new Dutch Kush won Haze Hydro and Kush categories!

The modern day cannabis grower can sometimes feel spoilt for choice when it comes to the great variety of cannabis seeds available on the market to buy. When we are exhibiting at shows and expos around the world we are often asked; “Why are your seeds so different?”.

The answer is – good genes! Just as your momma’s high cheek bones give you a face made for selfies... Paradise Seeds cannabis strains have been bred for certain traits and characteristics. Because we’ve been doing it for 21 years (and unofficially for longer than that), we have had a lot of time to tweak our breeding programs in the search for perfection!

Cannabis breeding: 4 frequently asked questions

What is a landrace?

A landrace is a cannabis strain that comes from a specific geographical region and, in the cannabis world, strains such as Afghani, Thai, Kerala and Colombian hold legendary status because they provide the genetic origins for much of what is grown today.

What does IBL mean?

IBL stands for Inbred Line. The title is a little misleading (conjuring up images of happy families deep in farming country ;) but actually means the line is pure – because it has been bred for so many generations that the original plant’s traits are reproduced with each new generation. Paradise Seeds carries two IBL strains – Original Cheese and Original White Widow - which have been bred from original clones given to us WAY back in the day! (The White Widow from 1996 and the Cheese from 2003).

What is a cannabis hybrid - Cannabis Genes - Paradise SeedsWhat is a cannabis hybrid?

Ever wondered how you can have so many different strains of weed? This is thanks to hybrids, which are basically a cross between two parents with different genes. By breeding hybrids, you can pick and choose favourable traits and combine to make something new. Take, for example, our Atomical Haze. It combines original Haze with an Indian classic sativa and a sweet Afghan indica producing a sativa plant that produces a big yield.

What does backcrossing mean?

The breeding process involves backcrossing cannabis plants with their parent plant in order to produce a seed line that carries the characteristics of that parent. This is an important process because it is the way to achieve homegenity or uniformity in a seed line.

To know what you’re getting, it’s always best to buy from a reputable brand name with history and experience. They may not always be the cheapest, but when those beans start sprouting, there will be no nasty surprises and you know what you’re going to be smoking at harvest time!

Just as with any product, the seed business is populated by companies that create famous cannabis brand names - building up their seed bank over the years, investing in research and development and running long term breeding programmes – and those that re-brand seeds they have bought from wholesalers.