ExpoWeed Santiago Chile BannerFrom the 21st – 23rd November 2014, Paradise Seeds will be in Chile where the 3rd annual ExpoWeed takes place in the capital, Santiago. The event is renowned for being the biggest cannabis fair of its kind in South America.

Over three days Chile Santiago’s Parque O’Higgins will be transformed into ExpoWeed. Paradise Seeds will be joining businesses and personalities from the world of cannabis who are coming to Chile to populate a space where visitors can find information and debate about the use of the plant for both medical and recreational use.

ExpoWeed 2014Paradise Seeds will be selling seeds and providing information from a stand by the Red Bull chill out area, giving out information and running special promotions and giveaways including a daily raffle at 4.20pm (16.20) – the time chosen to honour of the worldwide cannabis reform movement. The expo will also be an opportunity for customers new and old to meet with the Paradise team.

This year, the Expo includes an extensive medical forum, featuring personalities from the world of medical cannabis including Rick Simpson, Steve De Angelo, head of the Harborside Health Centre, the biggest medical marihuana dispensary in the USA, American activist Paul Stanford and Harvard professor of medicine, Dr Lester Grinspoon. They will be joined by experts in the field from France, Spain and Uruguay.

For visitors new to the Paradise Seeds brand, the Amsterdam based company, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, carries 29 strains which have been developed through selective breeding over the years.

Varieties include the multi award winning Sensi Star (winner of both High Times and High Life Cups), Delahaze and Dutch Dragon as well two new strains released this year which have been especially bred for their medical properties. These are Durga Mata ll CBD and Nebula ll CBD, which have been developed specifically for medical users as they contain a higher percentage of Cannabinoids (CBD) which have relaxation and pain relief qualities and lower levels of THC, the psychoactive property which gives recreational users a ‘high’.

Cannabis Legalization

For Paradise Seeds, Chile represents an exciting prospect on a continent that is experiencing great change in the light of Uruguay’s decision to legalize cannabis earlier this year. The South American country became the first country in the world to allow recreational use of marijuana.

In Chile there is a sense that attitudes are also changing, illustrated by September’s landmark decision by the Government to authorize a medical marihuana plantation which will provide plant and oil extracts for cancer patients. Organized by the Fundación Daya, Paradise Seeds is a contributing partner to the programme, providing 5 seed varieties for use. At the beginning of the month, Paradise made history when its delivery became the first seed shipment to be legally allowed to enter Chile.