February 2017 Promo - Paradise Seeds Bag, Paradise Seeds Premium Strain Collection Smoking Papers, Delahaze & Ice Cream - Paradise Seeds It’s that time of the year to get your mission on! We’re all done with the January blues (which seemed to last forever!). February is here. It’s a short month and we are inching closer to spring. For outdoor gardeners the season cannot come soon enough but for now we are still focusing on activities indoors.

This month we’re giving away a gift with every order we process. The more you spend the better the free giveaway is! On all orders, you get to choose, at the checkout, from smoking papers or a free Paradise Seeds bag. And for all orders over 40€ there are FREE SEEDS.

  • Spend 40€ and we’ll give you a mystery seed 1-pack.
  • Spend 80€ and you can choose from a Delahaze or Ice Cream 3 seed pack.
  • Spend 140€ and select a free Delahaze or Ice Cream 5 seed pack.

So what are you planning for your next grow? A couch lock indica or a soaring sativa? Whatever it is, make sure you have the right genetics to supply the best crop. There are many seeds on the market pretending to be something they are not. If you want quality, you need to go straight to a reliable source.

Delahaze is our multi award winning sativa. One for the Haze connoisseur, Delahaze yields big and finishes earlier than many sativas and the end effect is a fruity tasting plant that delivers a pleasurable uplifting (and long lasting) effect.

Ice Cream is one of our award winning indicas. It’s a fast performing, smooth tasting classic that comes with real turbo power and a perfect indoor grow room companion. Short and bushy it explodes with frosty buds that bring a taste of skunk, vanilla and pine.