Paradise Seeds is proud to announce the very special news that one of our Chilean partners has become the first organisation in Latin America to be granted authorization to grow medical cannabis. Fundación Daya (Daya Foundation) will be using 5 cannabis seed varieties from Paradise Seeds in their programme to grow medical cannabis and develop cannabis oil based therapies for 200 cancer patients.

Authorization for the project was given by the Chilean Government’s Agricultural and Livestock Service which was announced on September 8th. The programme is a joint initiative between Fundación Daya and the municipality of La Florida (with a population of over 360,000 people) and will benefit public health and Fundación Daya cancer patients.

Ana Maria Gazmuri president of Daya Foundation recieving approval for growing cannabisThe organisation will be working with the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Valparaiso to produce medical quality cannabis oil, extracted from the cannabis plants grown on its plantation. The Foundation will train public health workers in how to use the oil for palliative care and pain relief. The landmark decision to authorize the growing of medical marijuana in Chile was achieved through the hard work of the Fundación Daya, an organization set up by Chilean actress and social activist, Ana Mariá Gazmuri. The Foundation was founded to research and promote alternative therapies to alleviate human suffering.

The decision to grant authorization has received widespread media coverage in Chile where the topic of cannabis criminalization has been the focus of recent social and political debate. The reform movement has many high profile supporters, from celebrities and academics to politicians, including a former president. Earlier this year 200,000 people marched in the streets to protest against prohibition in a ‘Grow Your Rights’ demonstration organized by cannabis activist organization, Movimental.

The organization have chosen five Paradise seeds varieties to be grown. We have a track record of working with growers and assisting medical cannabis cultivation projects in countries such as Canada. Paradise Seeds were selected by the Daya Foundation for the strength and stability of our strains, which makes our seeds well suited for medical marijuana research and development.

Chilean Government Minister, Oscar Concha, announces the decision to the mediaOver the past few years we have also gained a reputation for developing strains, such as Pandora and Nebula, which have been recognised for having medical and therapeutic qualities. These varieties are amongst those chosen for the Chile programme. Other strains selected for the programme are Wappa, Ice Cream and Durga Mata 2 CBD, a strain developed specifically for medical users (in conjunction with the CBD crew), which was released earlier this year.

Paradise Luc says, “The Chilean Government is showing real forward thinking in this issue and the decision to allow the growing of medicinal marijuana is great news for cancer patients in Chile. We look forward to working with the Fundación Daya and sharing our knowledge of medicinal cannabis with them. We are confident this project will have a positive effect and develop in the future.”

Paradise Seeds will be visiting South America later in the Fall, with expos in Chile and Uruguay. Our seeds are already a popular choice amongst growers in Chile and are available from in the country from distributors including Grow Chile.