goodies promo 2020

On the cannabis calendar April holds a special place in green hearts. It is the month when Spring roars into gear but it is also the month of 420 – the most holy of cannabis holy days!

Ok so this year 420 could be very different - with many more personalized celebrations around the world – but it is still a time to give love and thanks to the cannabis plant. 

So how is Paradise Seeds celebrating? With an exclusive 420 Promo! Every web order made in April will receive an exclusive complimentary 420 Paradise kit which includes a whole heap of FREE Paradise goodies including:

  •  Rolling papers  
  •  Stickers
  •  Trucker style Paradise Seeds baseball cap
  •  Promo code for more savings on future purchases 
  •  Lighter 

Take the road to Paradise and celebrate 420 with us this month!

**only available with European (EU) orders