A Truly Paradisal Experience: Sunset Paradise 

Sunset Paradise is Paradise Seeds’s version of the super popular Gelato. The result is a luxury scoop of Gelato with Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet in the genetic mix. It’s a refined blend of terpenes and meditative flow that will hit a note with medical users and those indica fans.

Germination and Vegetative State

Two Sunset Paradise feminized seeds were germinated in soil, with the seedlings breaking the surface in just 2.5 days. They exhibited robust growth in the veg stage displaying, unusually for an indica, quite a distinctive open growth pattern. Reaching the end of the veg stage (4 weeks), both plants stood at just 37 and 40 cm in height, with stalks and leaves showing shades of reds and blues.

Sunset Paradise

Flowering Stage

Both plants continued to show great uniformity and significant stem elongation (again unusual for an indica) and after four weeks in flowering both plants had doubled in size – each to 80cm.

The color show, first noted in the veg stage, continued with dark shade leaves flushing green to purple-blue to violet. Adding to this color spectrum was an early build up of resin manifesting in a generous glistening of silvery white trichomes.

Flower formation was impressive with plenty of calyxes developing (with a high calyx to leaf ratio) in thick round clusters. Rock hard, fat buds displayed a massive injection of resin in the second half of the flowering period and spread out to the surrounding shade leaves.

Accompanying this spectacular resin festival was a bewitching sweetish floral scent that filled the grow room; its complexity boasted notes of citrus fruits, berrylicious sweetness, skunky spiciness and a dash of lavender. 

Final heights for the two Sunset Paradiseplants at harvest (after exactly 8 weeks) were 84 and 89 cm.,/p>

Harvest Yield

The final yield of these plants (dried harvest) was a combined 225 gms. 

Smell and Smoke Report

Once dried, the buds exuded an exquisite distinctive aroma that came with the lavender element pushed to the foreground, deliciously blended with fruity notes of orange and raspberry, plus a bit of skunky piquancy.

To test the effect, half a gram of Sunset Paradise was rolled with a little tobacco. An initial slight lavender taste melted into a fruity sweetness (with a spicy hint of skunk) that tantalized the palate and lingered on the tongue. 

Just one toke delivered a tingling sensation on the temples, the second started something brewing in the forehead and the third brought a rushing wave of euphoria. This was followed b a very physical body effect that relaxed tired limbs and a long lasting effect (over 2 hours).


Sunset Paradise is an indica dominant plant that brings calm and relaxation without taking you out of the game. Its unique color show and insane resin count is impressive, as is the dizzying combination of elements that makes up its scent. A stimulator for the taste buds and the appetite, the soothing happiness delivered by Sunset Paradise will win fans amongst medical and recreational users alike.

Cultivation data:


Sunset Paradise (indicadominant)

Vegetative stage

4 weeks (after germination)


56 days / approx. 60 days in general


Plagron Grow Mix soil, 11 litre pots 




1.2–1.8 mS


up to 12 x SANlight S4W = 1680 watts



Air humidity



By hand


Organic Bloom Liquid + Organic More PK from Green Buzz Liquids


Living Organics, More Roots, HuminSäure Plus, Big Fruits, Fast Buds and CleanFruits from Green Buzz Liquids


CleanLight Pro for mold prevention


84 and 89 cm


together, 225 grams