JUNE 2015 Promo Paradise Seeds - Pandora and Nebula Cannabis SeedsThis month it's all about being up, up and away! Plants shooting for the sun in the northern hemisphere mid-summer and you shooting for the stars with our June promotion!

More of that in a moment... Before we continue, can we remind you that this month Paradise Seeds is sponsoring the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour (June 11-13), which rides through Holland, Belgium and Germany. Follow all the action here.

Now back to that promotion!!... We have some super give away seeds with all orders over €40 and now is the time to be planting.

  • Spend over €40 and get a FREE 1-pack of Pandora autoflower variety
  • Spend over €80 and get a FREE 3-pack of Pandora autoflowering or Nebula feminized
  • Spend over €140 and choose a FREE of Pandora autoflowering or Nebula feminized

Nebula is a 60/40, Sativa/Indica, feminized seed that is one of our multi-award winning strains. This plant will take off, seeking out the energy of the solar system - natural or simulated - to reward ground control with a fruity taste and out of this world special effects!

Pandora is our big yield autoflower. A pure indica it comes from the same genetic background as Sensi Star and Spoetnik. It's a prize winning strain that will finish outside 75 days from germination.

To see how Nebula could take you to a galaxy far, far away, along with some illuminating photos of other Paradise Seeds varieties, have a peek at our Image Gallery. And how about something from the Paradise hardware section for the summer? Check out our Accessories.

Whether you're gardening is indoor or outdoor, have a great June!

Team Paradise