May 2015 Promo Paradise Seeds - Pandora and Delahaze Cannabis Seeds May is prime time planting season for the outdoor gardener in the northern hemisphere. The sun is gaining in strength each day, night frosts are a thing of the past and the soil temperature is nice and warm for those little seeds to slip into... If you haven't already got your seeds germinating now is the time!

This month it's all about Big Yielders! Our May promotion features two plants with huge harvest potential and we will be giving away free seeds with all orders over €40.

Pandora is our big yield autoflower. A pure indica it comes from the same genetic background as Sensi Star and Spoetnik #1. It's a prize winning strain that will finish outside 75 days from germination.

Delahaze is a big yield feminized variety. It is a sativa dominant plant that combines the best of the Haze plant with chunky harvests. Good for the outdoor gardener, it has inbuilt mold resistance and is a real Paradise favorite.

  • Spend over €40 and get a FREE 1-pack of Pandora or Delahaze (the choice is yours).
  • Spend over €80 and get a FREE 3-pack of Pandora or Delahaze.
  • Spend over €140 and choose a FREE 5-pack of Pandora or Delahaze.

Speaking of big yielders, check out the Sweet Purple shot in our photo contest. Also check out the website for more news, grow reports and grab yourself a T-shirt for the summer season from our merchandise page!