Dear friend,

Happy new year to you! May 2020 be filled with green goodness. As we return to work after the festivities with a few sore heads (but warm hearts ;) we are looking forward to this new decade. If the 20100s were about cannabis emerging from the shadows, then let us hope the 2020s are the decade it takes back the spotlight!

So, what do we have for you this new year? How about our biggest free seed promotion of the year!

We are bringing the sunshine vibes to the winter season. Choose any of our feminized strains this month (sativa, indica, auto CBD) and....
* Buy 3 seeds get 1 FREE seed.
* Buy 5 seeds get 2 FREE seeds.
* Buy 10 seeds get 3 FREE seeds

Healthy Start (no you don't have to give up the green!)
It's that time of year when most of us look back at the excesses of Christmas and promise to get healthy. The biggest mistake many people make is to scream 'I'm giving up everything!' Read our article on taking a realistic approach to a healthy start - after all, January is a cruel month to be giving up everything!

Strain of the Month: Dutch Kush
So if getting healthy and active is not for you this month and hibernation on the couch is more your style, then you will really appreciate January's strain of the month. Dutch Kush exploded into our Paradise collection in 2017 and became an instant classic thanks to its quick finish, big bud yield and powerful effect. If you've had this potent indica pleasure before, then maybe it's time to revisit... if not then say hello to the awesome Dutch Kush.

New things for 2020
First on the list we have three new strains coming very soon. Their identity is a closely guarded secret for the moment but we are very excited about this trio which have shown some very unique characteristics in the R+D stages. Watch this space!

Secondly, we are looking forward to our own healthy start this year. We are proud to say that we have signed up for the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour in 2020. It's going to be epic! You should join us! Check out the MCBT website

Don't be blue this January. Get green instead! See you on the other side!

Team Paradise