October 2016 Promo - Dutch Kush or Acid - Paradise Seeds What a great month October is! We still have some great days to look forward to in the northern hemisphere, when those misty mornings become glorious sunny days. It’s a month when our Paradise gardeners are keeping a close eye on the weather as they prepare for the big chop and the harvest festival that comes afterwards...

So this month we have a super promotion for indoor growers and outdoor growers in the southern hemisphere. We are giving away FREE seeds on all orders over 40€ and you can choose from two great Paradise Seeds strains – Acid or Dutch Kush.

  • Spend over 140€ on your order and we’ll send you 5 FREE seeds (Acid or Dutch Kush).
  • Spend over 80€ and we’ll send you 3 FREE seeds (Acid or Dutch Kush).
  • Spend over 40€ and get 1 FREE seed (Acid or Dutch Kush).

Acid - This is our Paradise Seeds take on the classic New York Diesel. It comes with a fruity flavor and a powerful effect, this is a great strain for indoors (just make sure those carbon filters are in place once flowering begins!). An Indica dominant plant with psychedelic qualities.

Dutch Kush - This is our newest strain and proving to be very popular. This is another Paradise seeds twist, bringing enhanced yield and potency to the classic Kush. Its short and bushy nature makes it a great grow room companion. A powerful indica with a big yield.