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April 2017 Promo


3/30/2017 3:20 AM

APRIL 2017 Promo - Paradise Seeds Bag, Paradise Seeds Premium Strain Collection Smoking Papers, White Widow & Original Cheese - Paradise Seeds Wishing you a happy 4-20 this month! Please join with us and those around the world in April to celebrate the marvellous plant that is cannabis. You don’t have to take to the streets, you can just light up a fat one with a few friends and give thanks!

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April 2016 Promo


3/31/2016 4:47 PM

April 2016 Promo 20% OFF and Free Gifts of Delahaze and Opium Paradise Seeds Cannabis SeedsFor April, we are all about Delahaze and Opium (20% off both strains this month). This month we are giving away FREE seeds from these beautiful strains, on all orders over 40€.

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April 2015 Promo


4/1/2015 3:13 PM

APRIL 2015 Promo Paradise Seeds - Vertigo, Opium, Acid and Auto Acid Cannabis SeedsThe clocks have gone forward and the birds are singing - time to think about planting. The outdoor season is almost upon us, so what are you planning for this year? We've got feminized and auto-flower varieties to make the most of any summer.

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