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ExpoWeed Chile - ExpoMedeWeed Medellin - Paradise Seeds Paradise Seeds is coming to South America in November and December… and we can’t wait! The Amsterdam crew will be visiting Colombia and Chile to find out about the latest developments on the scene and talk seeds and strains.

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11/15/2017 - 0 Comments - Tags: chile, colombia

Colombia: One year after Medical Cannabis Legalization - Paradise SeedsColombia is home to some of the world’s best weed. What does Medical cannabis legalization mean for this South American country with a troubled past?…

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12/6/2016 - 0 Comments - Tags: Colombia, Chile, Legalization

ExpoWeed Chile - ExpoMedeWeed Medellin - Paradise Seeds Paradise Seeds is looking forward to more South American adventures in November and December when we attend ExpoWeed in Chile and ExpoMedeWeed in Colombia.

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11/3/2016 - 0 Comments - Tags: Expos, Chile, Colombia

Paradise Seeds Mega Grow Daya Foundation in ChileLooking to start an outdoor grow? The largest medical cannabis grow in Latin America showcases the stability of Paradise Seeds genetics...

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4/15/2016 - 0 Comments - Tags: mega, plantation, chile, medical

Paradise Seeds strains fill first medical cannabis grow operation in Chile South AmericaCheck out today’s article in Holland’s best read newspaper, which includes a video interview with Ana Maria Gazmuri from Daya Foundation.

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2/5/2016 - 0 Comments - Tags: medical, cannabis, chile

Green Medicine (trailer)


12/3/2015 4:08 PM

Paradise Seeds Daya Foundation Medical CannabilsIn early 2014 we got an email from Chile. The email told us about an ambitious project being planned by the Daya Foundation. Their dream was to win government support for a marijuana plantation that would provide medical cannabis oil for local patients in a district of Santiago.

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12/3/2015 - 0 Comments - Tags: medical, cannabis, documentary, chile

Paradise Seeds strains fill first medical cannabis grow operation in Chile South AmericaWhen the Daya Foundation got the license for the medical cannabis grow for the Municipality of La Florida (a suburb of Santiago) they did not realise how much attention would come from the world media. Since September, their project has been the focus of news reports from all over Latin and North America, Europe and as far away as India and Japan.

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4/8/2015 - 0 Comments - Tags: harvest, medical, chile

Paradise Seeds goes to South America 2014-2015When Paradise Seeds visited the Expoweed in Chile at the end of 2014, we were excited to hear about cannabis scene developments taking place in South America. Of particular interest is the revolutionary medical cannabis programme taking place in Chile.

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1/15/2015 - 0 Comments - Tags: South, America, Chile, ExpoWeed, Daya

ExpoWeed 2014From the 21st – 23rd November 2014, Paradise Seeds will be in Chile where the 3rd annual ExpoWeed takes place in the capital, Santiago. The event is renowned for being the biggest cannabis fair of its kind in South America.

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11/6/2014 - 0 Comments - Tags: ExpoWeed, Santiago, Chile, Expo

Paradise Seeds is proud to announce the very special news that one of our Chilean partners has become the first organisation in Latin America to be granted authorization to grow medical cannabis. Fundación Daya (Daya Foundation) will be using 5 cannabis seed varieties from Paradise Seeds in their programme to grow medical cannabis and develop cannabis oil based therapies for 200 cancer patients.

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9/8/2014 - 1 Comments - Tags: chile, medical, marjuana