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December 2015 Promo


11/27/2015 6:42 PM

December 2015 Promo Paradise Seeds - Jacky White, White Widow, White Berry, Ice Cream Cannabis Seeds"I'm dreaming of a whiiiiite Christmas!" You know the song. Of course you do. In the next few weeks you will probably find yourself involuntarily humming it inside your head. We are not the biggest fans of cheesy Christmas songs... however, it did get us thinking about our December promotion. So this month we're all about the 'White Family'.

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December 2014 Promo


12/4/2014 4:38 PM

Paradise Seeds December 2014 PromoOK, so its that time of year when advertisers promise you a white Christmas and all that crap… We’re not going to promise you snowflakes, snowmen or any kind of snow business this December, but we ARE going to make your Christmas dreams will sparkle with white trichomes!

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