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Inside a Canadian Legal Cannabis Grow - Paradise Seeds Ahead of cannabis legalization in July, Paradise Seeds goes behind the scenes of the cannabis grow of one of Canada’s leading medical producers, ABcann.

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3/2/2018 - 0 Comments - Tags: canada, legal

Canada Cannabis Legalization - Paradise Seeds The Canadian government has announced new legislation to make weed legal in 2018. What will this mean and what are the lessons that cannabis activists can learn for changing political minds about cannabis policy…

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6/8/2017 - 0 Comments - Tags: canada, legalization

Canada Cannabis Legalization - Paradise Seeds Canada’s plan to legalize weed attracted all the headlines in the spring. What’s the latest news regarding the country’s marijuana revolution?

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11/3/2016 - 0 Comments - Tags: canada, legalization

Cannabis Legalization in Canada - The Journey To Reality - Paradise SeedsCanada's new government has pledged to legalize cannabis. However, it is early days and the conflict between the theory and the reality are creating confusion across the country.

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3/17/2016 - 0 Comments - Tags: canada, cannabis, legalization

Glass Blower at Champs Expo Treating Yourself Cannabis Cup Canada 2014It has been a busy Spring at Paradise Seeds. We have many exciting projects going on at the moment, working with partners all over Europe, North and South America. What is interesting for us is how the scene is evolving at the moment.

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5/30/2014 - 0 Comments - Tags: canada, toronto, cannabiscup