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Jacky White

Jacky White by Paradise Seeds

Champions' genes have gone into the breeding of this modern classic which generates fast growth, a high yield and energizing, uplifting results.

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Jacky White - feminized: 3 seeds
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Jacky White - feminized: 5 seeds
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Jacky White - feminized: 10 seeds
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Customer Reviews

2 Item(s)

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Great Smoke Review by Jason
funny how you always remember those really great smokes you had , they stay with you all through your life as a kind of yardstick that all others are measured against. .the yardstick in this case is some durban poison, obtained by a freind of a freind from the back streets of soweto sometime in the early 80's .
ahhh those were they days. well they were for me, used to get some really nice hash back then and everything that came this way was grown outside under the sun. Things have changed a lot since then
theres 2 other times i thought man that was some killer smoke.
some white widow that leveled a room full of musicians. to the point of hysterical insane laughter for hours and some super silver haze that made me wanna write an entire album and a novel at the same time as being in star trek for real .... so thats 3 memorable strains in 30 something years of smoking. Jacky white is number 4 a great smoke. Very uplifting. no fatigue, just the way i like it ;) and the flavour is fantastic. takes me back a few years to when the white strains were all the rage so congrats you guys . you made it on to THE LIST. killer smoke and well worth the years of effort in my humble opinion. Thanks for doing that. (Posted on 8/24/2018)
very very tasteye like spade 2head Review by 69vy
Vaporizer good 7 /10. Mangle
(Posted on 3/27/2014)

2 Item(s)

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