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Dutch Kush - Paradise Seeds

Dutch Kush by Paradise Seeds

2 Review(s)

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Dutch Kush - Feminised 1 seed
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Dutch Kush - Feminized: 3 seeds
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Dutch Kush - Feminized: 5 seeds
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Dutch Kush - Feminized: 10 seeds
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Customer Reviews

2 Item(s)

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Dutch Kush Review by Ace
UNDERATED !SUPER STRONG ! EXTREMLY RESINOUS ! Like old school widow on Steroids stupid amounts of resin ! The Buds are Big and rock solid and over coated in resin ! Was grown along side Gorrila glue#4 and Girl scout cookies (cali connection) and Out performed both by FAR! in terms of Size and density of bud , Strength and Resin prouduction ! The taste is very similar to the Gorrila glue with a hint of whitewidow maybe because of the amount of resin production i wouldnt say tha flavour is all tht compared 2 whats out there but the STRENGTH IS OFF THA SCALE STR8 UP!
I got it as a free seed wile in amsterdam so only had 1 pheno ! This stuff is better and Stronger than alot of these New west coast strains going for crazy money !Needs a full 9 weeks 2 finish! But it Worth IT !
The Effects THIS STUFF WILL SHUT U DOWN SIMPLE ! If u need somthing 2 Kick ur Ass! Shut down ur systems 2 around 30percent this is it ! (Posted on 3/3/2018)
Best experience in czech outdoor Review by David
I got only 1 seeds in magazin.
I grow this great strain in czech repulic outdoor.It has 2.5 meter hight plant.Very strong smell.Big harvest.Up to 500g.I will recommend this product.I harvest in mid october.citrus and sweet taste with little cofee,realy nice. (Posted on 10/26/2016)

2 Item(s)

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