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Free Nebula with every 5 or 10 pack

Due to popular demand we are continuing to offer FREE Nebula seed with all 5 and 10 pack orders. It's our ever popular Sativa dominant hybrid. Growers delight, this fast grow plant explodes with a universe of big moon rock buds.

Nebula is made for indoor gardening (60 - 65 days flower time), and works particularly well when it is used under lights in a constellation of Sea Of Green. Because of the sativa genes this is one star traveler that likes to shoot for the sun, artificial or not, so may need some holding back on the throttle. Well trained however, it will shower your corner of the planet with buds that are as big as moon rocks.

Outside it will also shoot for the sun, absorbing all the light it can (remember that Mediterranean heart?). It will thrive in southern regions, but this plant is bred to be versatile and will prosper quite happily in northern regions too, especially in south facing plots. If the conditions are right, gardeners can expect an intergalactic bud shower of epic proportions come harvest.