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New Strains 2020


13/2/2020 7:17

new strains

It's been an nice time at the Paradise Seeds office in the past few weeks. Why? Because we have been hard at work (yes really!), getting to know the delights of three new cannabis strains that will be released soon.

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¿Amas de todo corazón a tu marihuana? ¡Entonces probablemente conocerás la sensación que te invade cada vez que estás en sequía! Esto es particularmente cierto en esta época del año al haber dedicado gran parte de diciembre a los dioses de la fiesta, llegando al clímax al final de 2019...

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New Website Launched


26/9/2013 11:41

After months of hard work our new website is finally launched!

We are very pleased to announce you that our new and improved website is officially up and running!

Paradise Seeds has been offering the world the finest seed collection for almost 20 years now and we are always thinking of new ways to give our customers the best service possible.

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