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New Strains 2020

new strains

Paradise Seeds is pleased to announce its biggest strain release for three years - and we’re sharing the love with a special promotion! 

Available from March 1st, say hello to Sunset Paradise (a luxury scoop of Gelato) and El Dorado OG (an indica trichome bomb) and Rainbow Road (possibly the biggest harvest sativa we’ve ever produced!) 


Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road®

We are incredibly excited to announce that we will be releasing probably the biggest yielding Sativa we have ever produced in our long history this Spring. Expect a wonderfull dizzying terpene aroma, huge oily buds and a heavy roaring monster in your grow room!

Paradise Sunset

Sunset Paradise®

Fans of this internationally renowned strain, will be pleased to hear that Paradise will be serving up a scoop of this exotic fruity dessert. We haven’t been the quickest to bring out our own taste of Gelato, but Paradise friends will know we will always take our time to ensure we bring something new to the table

El Dorado OG

El Dorado OG®

We love a golden indica which stands out from the crowd. This strain has been engineered to bring 24 hour indica satisfaction! A full bodied terpene trichome bomb, this resinous variety will take you through daytime and nighttime without losing you along the way. A top tip for medical users too!


Rainbow Road, Sunset Paradise*, El Dorado OG

This is a collector’s item for sure! Featuring all 3 varieties, and available exclusively from the Paradise Seeds website (with 3x3 and 3x5 options). There are only 420 editions so be quick. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! * For now Sunset Paradise is only available in this exclusive offer.


It’s not often that we get this excited, but the test reports on these three strains have been PHENOMENAL! We can’t wait to release these seeds into the wild (...or at least into the hands of Paradise Seeds fans!).