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Delahaze by Kygiacomo
Strain: Delahaze
Uploader: Kygiacomo
Days to Finish: 40
Growing Medium: Soil
Location: Kentucky,Usa
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

Delahaze by Kygiacomo

Photocontest Details

This strain is the Holy Grail for guerilla growers. its potent,super mold resistant,monster yeilds and a breeze to manicure. I have no ideal what the poster below is talking about saying to much variation with this strain bc i have only got 2 different phenos out of multi packs and i been growing it 3 years. If u want a strain that delivers on ever level then Delahaze is the perfect strain for u.

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Rating 4.4 Out of 5 (7 Reseñas)


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