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Vertigo by Rastun
Strain: Vertigo
Uploader: Rastun
Days to Finish: 59
Growing Medium: Soil
Location: Russian Federation
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
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Vertigo by Rastun

Photocontest Details

Many good varieties from Paradise seeds.... I have many years of grow your plants in guerrilla room)) But Vertigo is my favorite variety. I appreciate his strength, he is not for wimps. This plant I can't compare with any other - it is very evil))) It takes a while, about half an hour after you smoke. If you thought a little and you smoked yet - it will be very bad, 'll be around you begins MAELSTROM ))) Pulls on communication, head works fine, though if many have taken the " you know nothing)) it is Easy to catch a Bad trip. Long vegetation period is 30 days, a complete cycle of 10 plants 80-90 days HPS 400w 450w Led I love Vertigo. Luc! Great job!

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