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Pandora by Paradise Seeds

Una variedad autofloreciente con propiedades médicas que ofrece un colocón de larga duración, suave y muy relajante.

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- From: €8,50

Nombre de Producto Precio Cantidad
Pandora - Feminised 1 seed
8,50 €
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Pandora - Feminized 3 seeds
23,00 €
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Pandora - Feminized 5 seeds
35,00 €
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Pandora - Feminized 10 seeds
65,00 €
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Revisiones de Cliente

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outdoor yeild Revisión por weedmaster
Vaery tasty! I got over 1000 grms per outdoor plantt. Turns a dark purple in cold weather, grew into late November. I reccomend this plant in hot climates.
(Publicado en 8/1/2013)
Pandora a dream plant Revisión por tekinter
this being my first time I got 5 pandora seeds.4 of 5 poped easy and grew like weeds I used 1000 watt MH for veg 4 weeks and 1000 HPS for flower period. I croped the first 3 around 65 days but found the bud a bit immature. The 4th I allowed to go 3 extra weeks and what a difference. The first 3 produced between 60 - 75 gr of bone dry bud the last produced 250 gr of crystal packed resinous skunky dank dry ass bud WOW!!!! (Publicado en 1/11/2012)
Thanks Paradise Revisión por Skywalker
Three Pandora outdoor...ready after 70 days, two plants with a good production of dense, fruity and extremely resinous buds, the third less productive but of good quality too...All in all the best auto I have grown lately....Thanks Paradise, big ups! (Publicado en 2/6/2012)
la puta ama entre las autos Revisión por rianxeiro
la primera semilla k cultive fue obsekio de paradise-seeds no tenia mui buenas sensasiones pero la plante en exterior en galicia en febrero. y ala,b me enamoro por su resistencia potencia y sabor ,ni un solo problema de cultivo sale kasi sola mui homogeneas en los caracteres descritos,mui fuerte contra rachas de viento de asta 50 kh proe muchas pero la pandora es la puta ama. (Publicado en 2/5/2012)
Gutes Ergebnis Revisión por PeterGrün
250W HPS at 24/7 takes arounde 75 days, no uniform height and weight.Got 3 phenos - No hermies. At all a nice results and huge long headbuts. very nice automatic strain. (Publicado en 15/4/2012)
Wow! Revisión por Dora the explora!
I grew 6 Pandora, 3 under HPS and 3 under CFL. 1 plant from each setup was ready within 65 days but the other plants took an extra 3-4 weeks to mature. Best automatics to date, nice healthy looking big plants with lots of branching, but as with all autos a big variation in plant phenotype and potency levels. (Publicado en 2/3/2012)
fantastic Revisión por joered
pandora is the best ive gown, regulary get 100g from each plant,bubble ponics & vitalink make pandora truly the best (Publicado en 3/2/2012)
A Winner! Revisión por kryptogreen
Hands down best indica auto I have found.Very easy to run, a middle of the road feeder and is was ready 62 days from sprouting. Potent, frosty and very fast to finish. Nice mellow stone with some pain relief. (Publicado en 3/2/2012)
God is Love Revisión por Divine Peace
Wooowwww, its 8am, I've just woken up, and I'm still stoned from smoking yesterday night, need I say more? hehehehehe My thoughts haven't been this lucid and positive in a long time! Jah bless and bring healing to all through kaneh-bosem. (Publicado en 3/2/2012)
Very pleased Revisión por kryptogreen
Super stable and super easy to run. Will post end product review shortly. (Publicado en 22/1/2012)

Elementos 1 a 10 de un total de 17

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  2. 2

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