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Wappa by Paradise Seeds

Galardonada y fácil de cultivar. Produce grandes cogollos para cualquier propósito, desde la calada diaria recreativa hasta la extracción médica de resina.

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Nombre de Producto Precio Cantidad
Wappa - Feminised 1 seed
7,00 €
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Wappa - feminized: 3 seeds
20,00 €
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Wappa - feminized: 5 seeds
30,00 €
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Wappa - feminized: 10 seeds
55,00 €
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Revisiones de Cliente

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Free AND Incredible! Revisión por Happy Camper
Got a freebie from a seed company and grew one out. I used it to clone 6 plants not knowing what the results would be. It was a good move because the Wappa was unbelievably good! The yields were nothing short of amazing too, with heavy side branching and big, thick colas, done in hydro. It's now one of my all time favorites. It's cheap too! Paradise rocks, everything I've tried from here is the bomb. (Publicado en 4/12/2013)
What a Wappa! Revisión por Happy Camper
By far my most favorite of the Paradise strains I've tried. Threw 5 clones into hydro and vegged for 5 weeks. I ended up with 6' tall monster trees that yielded an incredible 2 lbs. 3 oz. dry. Even where the light was almost nonexistant the buds were huge. I had to cut the stalk with bolt cutters! This is one genetically superior plant. If you have the room, let 'er go au naturale. There's no need to bend or hack on it. (Publicado en 5/8/2012)
Only good words for Wappa : ) Revisión por WappaOutdoorUK
First time grow, compost, organic feed in pots, outdoors in typical UK summer (in fact even greyer skies than nromal) and Wappa produced a very nice yield still. Very pleased, easy for first timers and has completely surprised me in every way !

Thank you Paradise seeds this Wappa strain is definitely a big part in my first time growing success. (Publicado en 5/8/2012)
Five stars weed! Revisión por DocM
One of the best weed I grow and smoke ever. 40 days of vega and 60 day flow. 70 cm average. Tot of 81 gr. of dry material. Two quiet different smell but the same strong head effect. Body is almost free at all. In my opinion Wappa need a medium level of nutes, more in vegetative state.

I believe in PARADISE!!!! (Publicado en 2/6/2012)
ooooo wappa Revisión por same as u
we have a saying for it in our house,you have been wappered, say no more hmmmm (Publicado en 15/4/2012)
Top Shelf stuff Revisión por Powerwiz
Grew one of these as a freebie and now that Ive cured and smoked her ordering a bunch. Incredibly easy plant to grow. All I did was nute and water her and she delivered 6 oz wet 2oz dried.

The buds are amazingly dense and big. The Center Cola was 3oz monster.

The smoke is citrus tasting and not harsh. The high is uplifting metal high that makes me laugh and at the same time just sit and watch a movie.

My next grow packing the tent with Wappa. (Publicado en 3/2/2012)
Fantastic Revisión por Robotdinosaur
I have been growing Wappa for a few years, now. As others have mentioned, smells amazing, excellent yields, VERY potent. I don't know what else one could ask for. I do tend to harvest her around 8 weeks for a slightly more energetic stone. I've found if left for much longer she has a much heavier stone. Great job, Paradise! (Publicado en 3/2/2012)
So, so satisfied... Revisión por VITRIOL335
Wappa is surprisingly great, excellent flower to leaf ratio... beautiful crystalline buds...and it's so easy to grow without too much fertilizing. As I have seen, Wappa just don't need much fertilizing; just 3-4 times during 8 week flo-cycle.
One of my favorites form Paradise seeds collection, hehehe...

PeAcE ... Namaste 93!!! (Publicado en 8/12/2011)
Definate keeper! Revisión por SCARHOLE
Wappa owned!
She is better than sensi star IMHO.
THE Whitest bud I ever grew.
Super fruity hash cream flavor!
Great yield an, potent as they get.
I'll get this one again... (Publicado en 19/11/2011)
FUC*IN INCREDIBLE Revisión por DozierBoy
Really don't need to say much more than a (WOW). Great head candy. If you have not tried WAPPA, you haven't really smoked good green. She is by far the loudest smelling, most beautiful plant I have ever had in my garden. I will forever be hooked. And I will forever grow the WAPPA.

Peace and Greeness,
Dozier................... (Publicado en 14/10/2011)

Elementos 1 a 10 de un total de 15

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