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Extreme Cannabis Training Brings Big Rewards!

Extreme Cannabis Training for Weeds!

You know that saying “cannabis is just a weed so it will grow anywhere”? Well that isn’t strictly true if you take the Google definition of a weed as a wild plant growing where it is not wanted. This plant is most definitely wanted – however it does have a habit of growing pretty well by itself too. In parts of the world –India, Africa and South America – marijuana plants grow wild without any help from human hands.

Yes, it is by nature a hardy plant and yet the modern cannabis home grower will often treat it more like a prize flower, a little princess who is lavished with tasty treats in the form of nutrients! Every grower wants to maximise their harvest, but are we guilty of giving these ‘weeds’ too much love?!

Training Plants for Better Harvests

In recent times with more information available and better technology, new techniques have emerged that have changed conventional thinking on how to grow marijuana plants. Paradise Seeds has focused on techniques such as SCROG (Screen Of Green), SOG (Sea Of Green) and LST (Low Stress Training) in articles before. The plants grown through these methods look very different to the traditional ‘Christmas tree’ cannabis plant shape.

Although these techniques are increasingly being used in indoor grow rooms, they can also offer great advantages for the outdoor grower too. However, it often takes a leap of faith to abandon the old faithful way and try something new.

Extreme Cannabis Training is Easy

Treat your plant like a weed and subject it to a bit of extreme cannabis training! When it reaches four or five nodes start tying it down. Bend the stem and anchor it down! No fancy tools required – tent pegs cable ties, string, a bootlace… Yes you will feel bad! Your poor little plant will look like a trapped animal, all twisted and bent out of shape and you will feel like a cruel monster for what you have done.

Return the next day however and you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only will the plant be fine, it will have revived and adjusted to its new trajectory! This is the trick to extreme cannabis training. repeat the process every few days, keep bending your plant and start sculpting. You will soon realize the amazing power of the cannabis plant to respond to being treated mean!

Pictured is a Paradise Seeds Belladonna plant nearing harvest at the end of October in a northern European garden. This plant was trained into a spiral and the unique shape provides some great advantages for the outdoor cannabis grower.

One the biggest advantages of using this method is the fact that your cannabis plant is much easier to camouflage. If you have a problem with nosy neighbours, or just want to be more discreet, a cannabis plant sculpted by extreme training blends in to the background thanks to its unorthodox shape and low canopy.

Unlike the top heavy bud production on a traditional plant, cannabis training will produce more buds of equal size. This is because the load is being spread so all the buds get light exposure. Having them spread out and smaller in size also increases air circulation allowing for better mold protection. The stunted height also makes them easier to cover to protect buds from Autumn rains.

Dangers of Extreme Cannabis Training

Stressing the plant too much can have a negative effect. One of the issues with the cultivation technique known as manifolding (cutting the stem to spread the growth) is that the recovery time for a stressed plant produces too much vegetation. There is also the danger of snapping stems through over stressing.

Extreme cannabis training may not be for everyone, but for an outdoor gardener who likes to get creative there is a real satisfaction in sculpting a plant… even if you do have to get mean to achieve it!

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