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Fantastic Four: 1 + 1 Promo

We’ve selected a Fantastic 4 for our 1 + 1 February Promo! Two classic strains and two strains from our Californian collection: El Dorado, Jacky White, Californian Gold and Durga Mata.

For the whole of this month, buy seeds from one of the following strains and we will match your order (for the same strain).

Buy 1 seed, get 1 seed free!
Buy 3 seeds, get 3 seeds free!
Buy 5 seeds, get 5 free!
Buy 10 seeds, get 10 free!

So let’s take a closer look at the super powers possessed by our Fantastic Four!

Jacky White (Classic strain): A high yield sativa that will frost up your grow room or outdoor space like a visit from the Silver Surfer…

El Dorado (Californian genetics): This superb indica is a high yield trichome bomb and a robust no nonsense performer in the grow room…

Californian Gold (California Genetics): Unleash the indica fire in the grow room with this smouldering high-THC cannabis plant…

Durga Mata (Classic strain): A versatile indica with a unique taste, it also comes with an inbuilt force field against pests – perfect for the outdoor set up

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