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Choose the ideal plant height cannabis seeds to grow award winning weed strains best suited for the grower’s cultivation space dimensions.

High quality feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds provide an almost 100% guarantee that your seed will grow into a female plant that will flower and produce flowers (buds). This is different to regular cannabis seeds which can produce male and female plants. As male seeds will pollinate females, creating hermaphrodite plants, the best feminized cannabis seeds offer the grower reassurance over the viability of the product – plant 5 seeds and almost certainly 5 feminized plants will grow. This makes it much easier for growers to plan and avoids the disappointment which results from having hermaphrodite plants develop after the grow process has begun.

Feminized seeds are the market standard for cannabis plants now and are widely appreciated as one of the innovations which revolutionized the cannabis industry. Paradise Seeds was one of the first cannabis seed companies to bring feminized cannabis seeds to the market in the early 2000s. Over the years since, customers have got accustomed to the convenience of planting a seed that is guaranteed to produce and feminized plants can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Photoperiod and autoflowering feminized seeds quality

Apart from the fact that feminized seeds help the grower to better plan, there are obvious economic advantages from the guarantee that cannabis seeds are going to develop buds. Through its own breeding programme, Paradise Seeds develops cannabis strains which have been bred to accentuate a plant’s unique qualities. These include taste variations (represented through terpene profiles), additional resin, particular effects and manageability in a cultivation space. Paradise Seeds sells a range of high quality sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis seeds.

Photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds produce plants which are light sensitive, either to light cycle management in the grow room or to changes in the hours of daylight which occurs naturally as summer turns to autumn. Autoflowering feminized seeds are unique as they will flower regardless of the light they are exposed to, due to them carrying the genetics of a special species of cannabis plant known as Cannabis ruderalis. This plant, found naturally as far north as the Arctic Circle, has adapted to grow in short summers which are characterized by long daylight hours. By integrating these genes into autoflowering feminized seeds, autoflowers (or autos) generally flower within 65 – 80 days of planting.  View the autoflower collection for more details.

The best feminized cannabis seeds for an indoor and outdoor grow

While some cannabis strains are more popular than others there is no simple answer to the question of what are the best feminized cannabis seeds. Instead they should be appreciated for the convenience that they offer to growers, based on performance assurances provided by specialized cannabis breeding However not all photoperiod feminized seeds or autoflowering feminized seeds are the same and customers should always check the provenance of the source and select seeds from a reputable seed bank, such as Paradise Seeds.

For this reason, buying cheap feminized cannabis seeds is often a false economy. It is always better to pay a little more in order to get a more premium product. If one has followed the guidelines above, and is buying from a reputable company, then the best feminized seeds to buy are simply the seeds which fit one’s cultivation plans and personal tastes. Whether it is sativa, indica, hybrid, CBD or autoflowering feminized seeds, a good place to start for best quality seeds is a category such as Paradise Seeds’ Cannabis Cup winners collection.

Best selling Paradise Seeds strains from this category include indica varieties Sensi Star, a strain renowned for its uniqueness, Allkush and Sunset Paradise, which is an exotic twist of the popular Gelato variety.

Sativa cup winners include Delahaze, which is often referred to as the choice of connoisseurs, Dutch Dragon, a classic legacy strain and Chocolate Wafflez which is a prominent strain in the Paradise Seeds California Cannabis Collection. Amongst the most popular seeds from Paradise are Wappa, a hybrid cannabis strain appreciated for its great all round qualities (along with its Californian strain version Tangerine Sorbet) and autoflower varieties Auto Jack, Stromboli Auto and Auto Wappa, which is recommended as a good beginner’s plant.