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Belladonna un temps de récolte rapide et une Sativa exaltante. Ce phénotype adaptable offre une gestion de culture facile avec pour résultat stimulation créative et changement de perspective.

60% Sativa 40% Indica




400 Gr


800 Gr

Âcre, FruitĂ©

60 Days

Mi Octobre

Mi Avril


Expédition rapide et discrÚte Expédition rapide et discrÚte

Finest Quality La meilleure qualité

Excellent service Service excellent

How to germinate Cannabis seeds

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3, 5, 10


Indica/Sativa Ratio

Odeur / Goût


Hauteur extérieure

Hauteur intérieure

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  2. phily

    the only problem i seem to have with this strain is that its sold out.
    this is a very beautiful plant. quick, vigorous, resin coated, smells great, and awesome high.
    highly recomended
    great yield too. give her good light and get a good yield. avg 1 oz per plant if vegged for 1 month and flowerd 9 weeks under low light setting while grown in dirt.
    clones well and clones seem to be more vigorous than the moms
    stays fairly short, gets really bushy, so indica growth patterns but high is most sativa.

  3. Mithrandir420

    I have the same problem as phily… it’s always out of stock! This is a fantastic strain. I don’t know why Paradise doesn’t produce more seeds. I hope they didn’t lose their genetic stock!

    Come on Paradise! Make more Belladonna! The Southern California medical users would benefit greatly from Belladonna.

    I found that my 10 seeds all germinated without issue and at the same rate. Growth was uniform, preflowers were easily visible when they showed. Cloned easily using Olivia’s gel and rockwool. Plants are short with little stretching during flowering. I ran them in a SOG under 1000w per 3×3 ebb and flow table. Hydroton in 6″ pots, 4 per square ft. yield appx 1 oz per plant.

    Even with little to no cure they smelled and tasted fantastic. A proper cure only makes this better and better. Smoke is smooth, very smooth. High is uplifting, then settles down into a nice relaxed and mellow, but not couch locked state.

  4. Rodia

    Hi. I my quest to reaching every aspects of cannabis learning experiences , i ad the chance to work a few crop of Belladonna.

    Beside an extremely surprizing potent high and a perfect plant for s.o.g. the Belladonna is an easy to grow, beautifull skunk weed.

  5. Hell N

    It’s my favorite!!!!!

  6. slickwilly

    an indica pattern with an exquisite taste and sativa high!!
    I love it and grown early, can yeild up to 3 pounds of primo buds. big up Paradise

  7. Sebastian UeberschÀr

    Die Ware kam sehr gut an. Ich bin gespannt auf die Pflanzen. Danke sehr.

  8. Lee W.

    Lovely my favourite

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