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L’un des joyaux de Paradise Seeds : polyvalente, facile à cultiver, pleine de saveur, fiable, gros rendement et primée.

  • 60THC

    60% Indica 40% Sativa


    Over 20%

    < 0.1%

  • Neurologic-Effect

    Energetic, Happy

  • Indoor


  • Taste Smell

    Fruity, Strawberry

  • Yield Time

    56 Days

Vous gagnerez 7-55 Paradise Points!
Vous gagnerez 7-55 Paradise Points!

Big Bud Secret… Le Secret Big Bud… Bienvenue chez Wappa, un hybride Indica primé et une variété des plus populaires grâce à sa facilité de croissance, sa délicieuse saveur et ses lourdes récoltes. Afin de créer le profil Wappa, nous avons sélectionner les plus grosses et résineuses plantes de chaque génération. Le bon rapport qualité-prix de cette plante vient de sa capacité particulière à croître tout en continuant de produire. Parfaite pour les débutants, également connue des pros recherchant gros rendements et fiabilité.

  • En tant qu’une des variétés phares de la collection Paradise Seeds, la lignée de Wappa reste un secret, même s’il est su qu’une riche veine de douce Skunk traverse son code génétique. Il y a bien plus en elle : un mélange génétique varié soumis au fin réglage du programme de sélection Paradise. Wappa est un peu un cheval noir dans le monde du Cannabis, largement reconnue par les cultivateurs et les amateurs pour ses multiples attributs sans jamais recevoir l’attention des projecteurs qu’elle mérite vraiment.

  • Frais et fruité, son merveilleux bouquet fraise/cerise est un plaisir à savourer. Le profil terpénique est bien équilibré avec une prédominance de Myrcène, Caryophyllène et Linalol.

  • Niveau de Difficulté : Facile

    Indoors : les graines de Cannabis Wappa deviennent des plants robustes et vigoureux, c’est une variété Indica réputée pour sa stabilité. En plus d’être agréable au regard, le ratio calice/feuille élevé de la plante permet un effeuillage et un nettoyage plaisants. Populaire auprès de ceux ayant des grow-rooms en intérieur, surtout lorsque l’espace est limité, Wappa est une plante de taille moyenne qui possède un gros punch. Force visiblement évidente dans l’épaisseur des colas et la prolifération de bourgeons surgissant des branches latérales.

    Outdoors: En tant que plante d’extérieur, Wappa prouve ses qualités. Sa préférence va aux climats plus tempérés même si elle se développe complaisamment sous les latitudes Nord des régions Européennes et Américaines. Cette plante fournit au cultivateur septentrional suffisamment de fleurs à stocker pour les longs mois d’hiver. Les méridionaux, eux,  profitent au mieux des performances de Wappa. Donnez du soleil à cette plante et les têtes apparaissent.

  • Les graines de Cannabis Wappa produisent une variété robuste, vigoureuse et touffue dans son schéma de croissance. La plante montre un rapide développement de gros bourgeons, denses et longs, chatoyants sous un givre de résine. L’extraordinaire profusion de têtes est ce qui la distingue sur le plan culture.

    Rendement Intérieur :  550g/m²
    Rendement Extérieur :  700g/plant

  • Récréatif : Intense mais pas écrasant. L’effet s’enfonce dans le corps, fournissant un tapis Indica sur lequel marcher sans toutefois traîner les pieds. En fait, Wappa réveille le sens de l’utilité, de la finalité des choses de la journée. Une puissance bénéfique qui conduit vers les portes de la perception par un petit coup de pouce plutôt que par une chute libre. Une bonne expérience en tant que variété de jour, l’élément Indica en faisant également une source agréable de détente en soirée.

    Médical : relaxation et stimulation de la motivation rendent cette variété attirante pour les usagers médicaux qui recherchent un soulagement de la douleur et un mental plus positif.

  • Convient pour la culture extérieure située entre 50º n.L. et 50º s.L..

    Wappa est prête pour la récolte début Octobre en extérieur (n.L.) et entre 8-9 semaines en intérieur.

    Rendement estimé : 550g/m² en intérieur et 700g/plant en extérieur.

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< 0.1%

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32 avis pour Wappa

  1. cacamal

    Wappa has blown me away. Amazing bud weight with serious quality. The last batch I ran was treated miserably yet still pulled through like a champ when other well known companies seeds failed or dropped bananas. I had serious light issues and the Wappa kicked right back. The plants are average indoor size plants but the bud to leaf ratio is amazing!! The Wappa is the first paradise strain I have ran in my garden but I am back for more. Give Wappa a try you wont be disappointed!!!! I will report back on how the others I have tried worked out

  2. Nils_Holgerson

    Hi I have to congratulate you on a great strain. The nicest effect I´ve had. Very relaxed, laughing, and it makes me sleep very nice.( The bad side effect of it is that you sleep too long and makes you tired a few hours the next day.)
    The yeald turned out to be rather small and the strength not very high, but it´s probably because I first overfertilized them, and then not fertilized them at all.
    Is wappa a strain that needs small amounts of nurishment?

  3. cacamal

    When you want a plant that pretty much grows herself with resin coated phat buds and has the weight to make it all worthwhile Wappa is it. Some are not familiar with her but trust me, She always has a spot in my garden. When you want commercial but enjoyable smoke I plant the Wappa. I have had a few stressful grows and others did not fair well or dropped bananas while it did not stunt or damage the Wappa in anyway. Thank you Paradise for this gift and to those who have not heard or tried her buy some beans and let the magik of Wappa begin!

  4. Eddie the Ed

    Very good strain. With little experience, Wappa was a breaze to grow. Even after suffering a few problems (mostly my own) she still grew wonderfully.
    Averaged about 300g per sq. m, but with experience I’m sure the advertised yield of 400-500g per sq. m is easily attainable.
    The smell is VERY strong. Reminds me of cherry flavor Halls cough drops. Even after drying, curing, grinding and rolling, you can still smell that Wappa scent.
    If done properly, even the cold-water-extracted hash comes out soft, blond and soooo sweet.
    The only drawback to Wappa is the weed-induced coma it gives. It relaxes the body so much, ever muscle in your body will ache to take a weed-nap, which you will not want to get up from…I would consider Wappa a medical strain.

    All in all, a great strain, just don’t plan on doing anything while smoking her…. 🙂

  5. october moon

    i have grown many strains.I have always been on a « QUEST » to find that one strain that i love and wappa is hands down one of the best indica dominant strains that i have ever grown.she is stable and very reliable.i love the way she tastes,smokes,smells and looks.truly a beautiful plant that i dont want to do without. thank you paradise!!!

  6. DozierBoy

    Really don’t need to say much more than a (WOW). Great head candy. If you have not tried WAPPA, you haven’t really smoked good green. She is by far the loudest smelling, most beautiful plant I have ever had in my garden. I will forever be hooked. And I will forever grow the WAPPA.

    Peace and Greeness,


    Wappa owned!
    She is better than sensi star IMHO.
    THE Whitest bud I ever grew.
    Super fruity hash cream flavor!
    Great yield an, potent as they get.
    I’ll get this one again…

  8. VITRIOL335

    Wappa is surprisingly great, excellent flower to leaf ratio… beautiful crystalline buds…and it’s so easy to grow without too much fertilizing. As I have seen, Wappa just don’t need much fertilizing; just 3-4 times during 8 week flo-cycle.
    One of my favorites form Paradise seeds collection, hehehe…

    PeAcE … Namaste 93!!!

  9. Robotdinosaur

    I have been growing Wappa for a few years, now. As others have mentioned, smells amazing, excellent yields, VERY potent. I don’t know what else one could ask for. I do tend to harvest her around 8 weeks for a slightly more energetic stone. I’ve found if left for much longer she has a much heavier stone. Great job, Paradise!

  10. Powerwiz

    Grew one of these as a freebie and now that Ive cured and smoked her ordering a bunch. Incredibly easy plant to grow. All I did was nute and water her and she delivered 6 oz wet 2oz dried.

    The buds are amazingly dense and big. The Center Cola was 3oz monster.

    The smoke is citrus tasting and not harsh. The high is uplifting metal high that makes me laugh and at the same time just sit and watch a movie.

    My next grow packing the tent with Wappa.

  11. same as u

    we have a saying for it in our house,you have been wappered, say no more hmmmm

  12. DocM

    One of the best weed I grow and smoke ever. 40 days of vega and 60 day flow. 70 cm average. Tot of 81 gr. of dry material. Two quiet different smell but the same strong head effect. Body is almost free at all. In my opinion Wappa need a medium level of nutes, more in vegetative state.

    I believe in PARADISE!!!!

  13. WappaOutdoorUK

    First time grow, compost, organic feed in pots, outdoors in typical UK summer (in fact even greyer skies than nromal) and Wappa produced a very nice yield still. Very pleased, easy for first timers and has completely surprised me in every way !

    Thank you Paradise seeds this Wappa strain is definitely a big part in my first time growing success.

  14. Happy Camper

    By far my most favorite of the Paradise strains I’ve tried. Threw 5 clones into hydro and vegged for 5 weeks. I ended up with 6′ tall monster trees that yielded an incredible 2 lbs. 3 oz. dry. Even where the light was almost nonexistant the buds were huge. I had to cut the stalk with bolt cutters! This is one genetically superior plant. If you have the room, let ‘er go au naturale. There’s no need to bend or hack on it.

  15. Happy Camper

    Got a freebie from a seed company and grew one out. I used it to clone 6 plants not knowing what the results would be. It was a good move because the Wappa was unbelievably good! The yields were nothing short of amazing too, with heavy side branching and big, thick colas, done in hydro. It’s now one of my all time favorites. It’s cheap too! Paradise rocks, everything I’ve tried from here is the bomb.

  16. moo

    i have grown 3 wappas one after another
    great growing experience they clone the best
    great head high
    thumbs up!

  17. grotbags

    Grew a 10 pack out for a disabled pal, was wanting something forgiving and low maintenance due to his disability. Couldn’t have asked for more, just as described, the only difference I seen was flower production. recommended bargain.

  18. Colorado Jim

    Wappa exhibits all of the qualities required when searching for a great indica. Quick flowering, heavy yielding, with excellent potency and taste this is a strain that should not be missed. Wappa is easy to grow, withstands stress, and exhibits little variation of phenotype making it a great strain for new growers.

  19. Tayom

    Have the fortunate luck of living in Canada. Through the government I tried wappa. From that point on it was my mission to track down these seeds and grow this strain. Amazing smell while growing which translate to an amazing taste while smoking. Great yield and potent strain. Even better taste and potency when turned into rosin. Keep a mother of this one going and you’ll never be disappointed in your grow

  20. Ed

    Very pleased with the results. 4 of 4 germinated and took girls to 57 days flowering 12/12. Dry yield 393, cured yield 251g. Adjusting for tent size (3/4m) and filled trellis (80%), very close to predicted yield of 500g/m. As advertised, result is FRUITY, uplifting and energetic. HIGHLY recommended & a breeze to grow. Terrific job Paradise Seeds. Think Juicy Fruit gum.

  21. Anonymous

  22. Mathias Iguedjetal

  23. Matt

  24. Yassir

    My fav strain! Easy,mistake forgiving and strong plant. A#1!

  25. Anonymous

  26. Kenneth

    Good quick service

  27. Henry

    Thank you till now

  28. miha zdesar

    good quality and super quick service

  29. Cedric


  30. Kenneth S.

    good service – excellent product – very happy

  31. Anonymous

    Snoop Dog favorite

  32. Nagy Zoltán

    Absolutely professional.

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