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Wappa by Flo
Strain: Wappa
Uploader: Flo
Days to Finish: 58
Growing Medium: Soil
Location: Homebox XS + 250 W NDL
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

Wappa by Flo

Photocontest Details

I received this Wappa seed at Amsterdam Seed Centre as a free gift.So I gave it a try, I was impressed!!!I put the seed into small coco jiffies with ATAMI root stimulant. One week later I planted it into 3 L Airpots with non fertilized Coco Soil. After 3 weeks of growing i decided to cut the middle stam to have more room in my little Homebox (also had two more different strains in there). One week later I sent it to flower. WOW!!!This plant grew like it knew how I want it to have. The flowertime was 58 days. Height: 75 cmYield: 65 gr58 days of floweringTHC: incredible indica stone (massive stone!!!) It kicks you a smile in your face and knocks you down to relax your body and muscles.I recommend this strain to everybody who likes to get everything out of a bud.Your tongue will be coated in a fruity film, it really feels like u have a chewing gum in your mouth after you smoked it, have some multivitamine juice with it and it will taste even juicier.Me and everybody, I invited to a small smoke out will choose this strain for another grow, they all were impressed about the taste, smell and of course the body intense feelings. What I also found out, if you vaporize it at around 202-205° C you will also get a throat clearing medical effect. Good if you are coughing around, it makes it go away!!! Great for pain relieve.Paradise Seeds - THIS STRAIN IS INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you!!!

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