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Wappa by Paradise Seeds

Une espèce primée très complète facile à cultiver, elle produit de grosses têtes polyvalentes pour un usage récréatif ou l'extraction de résine médicinale.

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Wappa - Feminised 1 seed
7,00 €
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Wappa - feminized: 3 seeds
20,00 €
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Wappa - feminized: 5 seeds
30,00 €
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Wappa - feminized: 10 seeds
55,00 €
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Commentaires des clients

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just love it!! Commentaire par october moon
i have grown many strains.I have always been on a "QUEST" to find that one strain that i love and wappa is hands down one of the best indica dominant strains that i have ever grown.she is stable and very reliable.i love the way she tastes,smokes,smells and looks.truly a beautiful plant that i dont want to do without. thank you paradise!!! (Posté le 17/09/2011)
Wappa should be considered a medical strain... Commentaire par Eddie the Ed
Very good strain. With little experience, Wappa was a breaze to grow. Even after suffering a few problems (mostly my own) she still grew wonderfully.
Averaged about 300g per sq. m, but with experience I'm sure the advertised yield of 400-500g per sq. m is easily attainable.
The smell is VERY strong. Reminds me of cherry flavor Halls cough drops. Even after drying, curing, grinding and rolling, you can still smell that Wappa scent.
If done properly, even the cold-water-extracted hash comes out soft, blond and soooo sweet.
The only drawback to Wappa is the weed-induced coma it gives. It relaxes the body so much, ever muscle in your body will ache to take a weed-nap, which you will not want to get up from...I would consider Wappa a medical strain.

All in all, a great strain, just don't plan on doing anything while smoking her.... :) (Posté le 12/09/2011)
wappa is the best of both worlds Commentaire par cacamal
When you want a plant that pretty much grows herself with resin coated phat buds and has the weight to make it all worthwhile Wappa is it. Some are not familiar with her but trust me, She always has a spot in my garden. When you want commercial but enjoyable smoke I plant the Wappa. I have had a few stressful grows and others did not fair well or dropped bananas while it did not stunt or damage the Wappa in anyway. Thank you Paradise for this gift and to those who have not heard or tried her buy some beans and let the magik of Wappa begin! (Posté le 28/07/2011)
Wappa 4/5 Commentaire par Nils_Holgerson
Hi I have to congratulate you on a great strain. The nicest effect I´ve had. Very relaxed, laughing, and it makes me sleep very nice.( The bad side effect of it is that you sleep too long and makes you tired a few hours the next day.)
The yeald turned out to be rather small and the strength not very high, but it´s probably because I first overfertilized them, and then not fertilized them at all.
Is wappa a strain that needs small amounts of nurishment?
(Posté le 09/07/2011)
When you want commercial weight with top shelf quality Commentaire par cacamal
Wappa has blown me away. Amazing bud weight with serious quality. The last batch I ran was treated miserably yet still pulled through like a champ when other well known companies seeds failed or dropped bananas. I had serious light issues and the Wappa kicked right back. The plants are average indoor size plants but the bud to leaf ratio is amazing!! The Wappa is the first paradise strain I have ran in my garden but I am back for more. Give Wappa a try you wont be disappointed!!!! I will report back on how the others I have tried worked out. (Posté le 21/06/2011)

Articles 11 à 15 sur un total de 15

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