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Cannabis Grow FAQ

Can I grow your cannabis varieties outdoors?

Yes, all our cannabis varieties grow outside if your climate allows it. It depends mainly on your place on the globe if the marijuana plants can finish the complete bloom production without any problem. Between 50° Northern Latitude and 50° Southern Latitude, it is likely that there will be no problems to finish the cannabis plants without compromising on the quality. In general one can say that, the milder and less humid the conditions are towards the end of summer, the better it is for the quality of the cannabis plants when grown outdoors.
In colder and wetter regions such as Holland and Scandinavia the varieties Sweet Purple and Allkush are well suited. Check the descriptions to see if you can grow a certain cannabis variety in your specific circumstances.

Can I grow all your cannabis varieties indoors?

All of our cannabis varieties can be grown indoors under artificial light, even Sweet Purple and Allkush, although they were developed for growing outdoors in colder regions. Many people that grow them indoors, are happy with the results.

What is the best way to germinate the cannabis seeds?

Place the marihuana seeds between wet tissues or wet cottonwool that you keep moist. After 2-4 days the cannabis seeds will have opened and are ready to be planted out, indoors under lamps, in greenhouses or outdoors. It is best to plant them first in special soil for seedlings, and keep them inside until they have grown a bit, and then plant them out in soil with more nutrients.

How many marijuana plants can I have per square meter?

This depends on the strategy that you want to use. If you want to keep the cannabis plants small and follow the so called ‘Sea of Green’ method of growing, we advise you to put 25 nurtured baby plants per square meter, and induce flowering early.
If you want to grow the cannabis plants a bit larger, having more harvest per plant, but also a longer growing period, you can think of about 9 or even 4 plants per square meter. It is not advisable though to have very large cannabis plants in an indoor space, because the longer growing period will increase the chance to get insects and pests in your beloved crop. Besides this, plants will fall over, making a jungle out of your growroom, increasing the chance on fungus, and also the larger cannabis plants will eventually form a tight bush, blocking the light for the lower branches, which will turn pale and will not develop nice buds.
It is best to keep the marijuana plants rather small in indoor situations, creating clean, healthy growrooms where you have a good overview and control over all your cannabis plants. Whenever you see an insect or pestproblem, you can still do something about it, before it has infected the whole room.

When do I start to induce flowering indoors?

This depends on how many cannabis plants per square meter you have. If you grow in a Sea of Green set up (approx. 25 plants per square meter) you can induce flowering after one week of planting out the young plants, or after they have developed the third internode. If you have less plants, for instance 16 or 9, let them grow a bit longer, respectively 2 weeks and 3 weeks.

How tall are the different marijuana plants?

Some marijuana plants tend to grow rather long, for instance Sweet Purple. This variety is best used outdoors. Another variety that will grow rather tall is Dutch Dragon, but this can be kept under control by flowering early, after 5 days of growing. The other cannabis plants will stay under one meter if you induce flowering after two weeks of growing or the third internode of sidebranches has appeared.

Which cannabis varieties can I grow in a sea of green setup?

Some marijuana varieties will grow bushy, and will perform better if they are allowed to grow a bit sideways. They therefore need a bit more space, making them less suitable for sea of green setup at the same time. The cannabis plants that are best suitable for a sea of green setup are Sensi Star, Nebula, Belladonna and Magic Bud.

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