autoflower promo 2020

In these challenging times of Coronavirus and lockdowns, we are adapting our popular 1,2,3 promotion to our autoflower collection this month. Autos are a great solution for anyone who has space restrictions. They can sit on a balcony, in a corner of the garden, or even in a room under window light.

Unlike some promotion giveaways, Paradise promotion seeds are the real deal – high performance, quality genetic gifts from our amazing Autoflower range.

* Buy 3 seeds. Get 1 free seed.
* Buy 5 seeds. Get 2 free seeds.
* Buy 10 seeds. Get 3 new seeds.

With the right preparation and care (and let’s face it, a lot of us have time on our hands this Spring), they have the potential to yield big and finish quick, approximately 8 – 9 weeks from seed to harvest, regardless of light cycle.

From flavorful, energizing sativas like our famous Automaria II and Auto Jack to big yield indicas like Vertigo (new improved strain) and the mighty Autokong 4, our latest addition to the Tommy Chong’s Collection, we have the perfect auto for you!