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Invest in a Grow Room. Become self-sufficient

It’s a new year and time to make a plan for that thing you have been ‘talking about doing’ for a very long time. No, we are not talking about a tattoo, a new dog or buying a pair of handmade Italian shoes that cost more than your car… We are talking about setting up your cannabis grow room!

Once upon a time, the only people who had grow rooms were criminals or super geeks with an encyclopedic knowledge of botany, electronics and engineering and an obsession for growing good weed. In the age of the internet however, anyone can be a grower.

We have a phrase at Paradise Seeds – We say DO get high on your own supply! Why not? It is the best way to ensure good quality weed, free of nasty additives and much cheaper than buying from dealers who are only interested in your cash. Friends, if you enjoy your weed, then cannabis self sufficiency must be your priority in 2017.

There are many excuses you can use for why you can’t set up a grow room. We hear them all the time. So let us help you by answering 3 of the most popular questions we are asked:

Invest in a grow room. Become self sufficient - Paradise SeedsHow much space do you need for a cannabis grow room?

There was a time when space restriction was a big reason for not installing a grow room. Many people used to custom build actual (small) rooms in their loft spaces. However, that is no longer necessary. A simple grow tent will give you a versatile growing environment and can fit into the smallest spaces – from a loft to the corner of a spare bedroom. They are cheap, discreet, easy to manage and can take up as little floor space as 0.4 x 0.4 metres! Research different growing techniques. However, do be aware that the smaller the space, the less space for growing (obviously!).

How much does it cost to set up a cannabis grow room?

Yes, a cannabis grow room set up can be expensive but not if you grow for your needs and buy a set up that reflects this plan. There are plenty of options available. You can buy start up kits that include a grow tent, lights and a filter, although we recommend doing some research and spending a little more money to get a set up that is going to be more efficient onin the long run. Invest in a good light, but do not be afraid to buy second hand to cut costs. Think of it this way, the money you invest in a grow room now, you will save in the months (and years to come).

How do I know if a cannabis crop will work?

This is a fear for many beginners. What if you invest your money in a grow room, buy some cannabis seeds, plant them… and nothing happens. The short answer to this is buy seeds from a reliable source of good genetics – for example Paradise Seeds has been producing seeds for over 20 years and germination rates are 95%+. Buying feminized cannabis seeds also guarantees that from 3 beans planted, 3 ready-to-yield plants will grow (without having the hassle of sexing your plants).

So we have answered 3 commonly asked questions for you. The internet can provide you with many more answers too. Obviously check the legal situation with growing cannabis in your country but it is time to remove those obstacles and become the master of your own destiny as a cannabis consumer!

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